Costa Rica

What to do, see and where to stay when visiting Costa Rica with kids.

31 Activities To Do In Costa Rica

Are you an adventure traveler, sun worshiper, explorer, or an all-in-one? Well, no matter what your tastes and interests are, Costa Rica‘s got you covered! Read more details about all the things to do in Costa Rica. With hundreds of … Continue reading

Secrets to Saving a TON of Money While Traveling in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is not a destination for budget travelers. All the decent hotels range from $100 to $700 per night, activities of all sorts start at $50 up to $150 per day. So my readers are constantly emailing me to … Continue reading

Travel Experta’s Interesting Facts – So Much To Do In Quepos & Manuel Antonio, Central Pacific

The Quepos / Manuel Antonio area is one of those parts of Costa Rica that I love because it has a bit of everything for every taste. From cheap hotels to luxury resorts, world class restaurants & tons of activities … Continue reading

Interesting Facts About Poas Volcano National Park, Costa Rica

Aside from all of the wildlife, beaches, and forests that make Costa Rica one of the best places to visit for adventure lovers, there are active volcanoes. Yes, you get to hike up through the sides of active volcanoes like … Continue reading

Fun Arenal Volcano Facts for Travelers – Costa Rica Travel

Costa Rica is a country known around the world for all of its natural beauties and what a great job they have done at preserving them. One of those gorgeous landmarks is the famous Arenal Volcano. This is the second … Continue reading

Travel Experta’s Interesting Facts – Central Pacific Region of Costa Rica

The most famous places of this Costa Rican region are: Manuel Antonio / Quepos, and Jaco. In them you will never run out of things to do, some of the things you can do are: exploring pristine beaches, non-stop close … Continue reading

Travel Experta’s Interesting Facts – San Jose & Central Valley Region, Costa Rica

The Central Valley Region of Costa Rica is almost always forgotten by travelers but it is a lot more than a stopover. There are lots of fun activities to be done like active volcanoes (Poas and Irazu Volcanoes), day tours … Continue reading

Travel Guide to the Beaches of North Pacific Costa Rica

White sanded beaches, five-star hotels, and activities of all sorts are part of the Gold Coast region of Costa Rica. Golf courses with incredible views of the ocean neighbor some of the country’s most recognized surf breaks. This is also … Continue reading

Travel Guide for the Costa Rica Caribbean Beaches

This is a quick guide of the bohemian beach area in the southern area Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast. It used to be inhabited only by banana plantations workers but now with tourism and the eco-friendly movement the main income from … Continue reading

Facts and Information About San Jose City Costa Rica

San Jose is normally just a stopover after you fly into the international airport and move on to your next destination. But this pulsating cultural capital of Costa Rica so much more than that. In it, you will find museums, … Continue reading

Complete Travel Guide of the South Pacific Costa Rica

This region is most commonly known as the Osa Peninsula. This is where you can find the largest portion of preserved land in national parks and other reserves of Costa Rica. This region also features the highest mountain in Costa … Continue reading

Travel Experta’s Interesting Facts – Did you know? Costa Rica has 7 Tourism Regions

Costa Rica is home to 800 miles of gorgeous beaches, 110 volcanoes “ five of them are active and love to show off by putting on amazing lava shows every day for its adoring public: There is also a crazy amount … Continue reading

The Top 13 Things to Do in Monteverde, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a great place for all kinds of travelers but especially nature lovers. Monteverde is one of those areas of the country where you can get adventure and nature all at once. There are so many Things to … Continue reading

5 Of The Best Costa Rica Travel Guide Books

A guidebook is one of those travel accessories that you can’t travel without especially if you are visiting a country that is new for you. Granted, there is a lot of information on the internet. but getting a physical or … Continue reading

The Top 3 Osa Peninsula Hotels According to My Family

I love coming to the Osa Peninsula, the South Pacific region of Costa Rica because of too many reasons that I wouldn’t be able to tell you. But some of the main ones are the fact that hosts more than … Continue reading

Costa Rica Wildlife – 25 Spottings to Have

Costa Rica is one of the most bio-diverse places in the world and there is no way that I can name every animal there is. So I decided to do a list of the most representative animals from Costa Rica’s … Continue reading

Wildlife Costa Rica – 10 Interesting Facts About Magnificent Frigate Bird

If you have ever done the slightest research about traveling to Costa Rica you probably know already that its best attractions is its rich wildlife. Monkeys, crocodiles, sea turtles and sloths are some of the most popular animals to see … Continue reading

Traditional Costa Rican Food – 3 Must Eats

We all know that Costa Rica is famous for its incredible biodiversity. It is also famous because it offers tours and hotels for every taste and age in all of its touristic regions. What not many people know is that … Continue reading

Wildlife Costa Rica – 8 Facts About Cattle Egret

The Cattle Egret is a cosmopolitan species of heron. These guys are found all over Central America and in Costa Rica they can be found in theManuel Antonio National Park.   1. The Cattle Egret feeds on a wide range … Continue reading

7 Great Tours for an Adventurous Kid Friendly Vacation in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country with tons of fun things to do and this week I decided to write about 7 tours that take place in Costa Rica’s most important touristic spots and will be great to spice up your … Continue reading