Costa Rica

What to do, see and where to stay when visiting Costa Rica with kids.

Dolphin and Whale Watching in Costa Rica

This country is a great place to go to if you want to enjoy the ultimate eco-tourist attraction: dolphin and whale watching. With pockets of shallow temperate waters, it’s not a hard things to see for humpback whales, killer whales, … Continue reading

8 Adventures in Monteverde

Monteverde is a unique area in Costa Rica filled with tons of different animal species and lots of different orchids. It is also a place for adventurers and people looking for luxurious hotels. Check out some of the adventures waiting … Continue reading

Gandoca-Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuge, Costa Rica

This national park in Costa Rica was created in 1985 with special provisions that allowed the residents of the small town of Manzanillo and other surrounding areas like Punta Uva to continue living in their communities, which fell within the … Continue reading

Costa Rica’s Festivals, Events and Carnivals

Do you want to experience the true Costa Rica? The best way to do that is by celebrating one of the many lively cultural fiestas, events, carnivals, or topes (horse parades) held all over the country. Here you can see … Continue reading

Biological Reserves of Costa Rica

If you have been reading my blog for a while you probably know that over 25% of Costa Rica’s territory is devoted to some kind of national park, biological reserve or private reserve. As a whole the population of this … Continue reading

4 Beaches in the South Pacific Region of Costa Rica

This region is a region known for being home to the largest portion of preserved land in national parks of Costa Rica. Some other things you will find in it are: the highest mountain in Costa Rica, Mount Chirripo; Pavones, … Continue reading

6 Must Visits in Costa Rica for Eco Tourists

Costa Rica is now on the forefront of “World Ecotourism”. The government and the people are making a huge effort to preserve their natural beauties. That is why more than 25% of the country’s territory is protected in national parks … Continue reading

A Family Adventure on the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica

There are many stories about how remote yet interesting the Osa Peninsula is. Articles on the internet assure that it was a great place for adventurers. Since I’m always looking for new and fun things to do with my family … Continue reading

Travel Advice for Costa Rica

Traveling to Costa Rica is an amazing thing to do for all nature and adventure lovers. But as it happens with every other country you visit there are a few things ans safety travel tips that can make your trip … Continue reading

Driving in Costa Rica

There are a couple of questions I get asked all the time by travelers about driving in Costa Rica: What is it like to drive in Costa Rica? Are there any special rules? Well this is what you get: roads … Continue reading

5 Cheap Adventures to Have in Costa Rica

By now I’m pretty sure you know how much fun traveling to Costa Rica can be. However since it is so popular it can get a bit pricey. After a lot of traveling along this beautiful country I learned some … Continue reading

4 Good Hotels in Costa Rica

There are hotels for families, groups of friends, honeymoons, lodges and bed and breakfasts in Costa Rica. But, there are so many great options that there is no easy way to know which ones are the best for your needs. … Continue reading

The Manuel Antonio National Park of Costa Rica

I’m sure most of you love luxury hotels, great restaurants and enjoying nature. Well, I happen to know a place in Costa Rica where you will find all that and is located only 7km away from a town called Quepos. … Continue reading

All About Costa Rica’s Corcovado National Park

Costa Rica National Parks can be a great place to visit for a dream vacation for you because of its natural beauty and appealing wildlife. Costa Rica, meaning “Rich Coast” is one of the most naturally gifted countries with an exceptional … Continue reading

Lodging in Costa Rica – Informations and Reasons to Visit

Costa Rica is a Central American country known among travelers as paradise for nature and adventure lovers. It is a place with an amazing variety of wildlife, eco-systems and most are protected in National Parks or private reserves. With all … Continue reading

Costa Rican Wildlife Part 2

Welcome to part two of Costa Rica wildlife! This is a list where I share with you information about the different animal species you will find when traveling to this amazing Central American country. If you missed it check out … Continue reading

Costa Rican Wildlife Part 1

Costa Rica is a country with a crazy amount of wildlife. Thi is one of the main reasons why people come to this country in their Central America vacation. It is a place where you can see many species of … Continue reading

2 Beautiful Beaches in the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica

The central pacific region is home to the some of the most popular beaches of Costa Rica. Here is where you will find Manuel Antonio / Quepos, and Jaco. This is an area where the options for adventures are endless. … Continue reading

West Coast Surf Tour- Costa Rica

If you are an advanced surfer looking for an adventure along the west coast of Costa Rica, here is my guide of the top three locations for finding the best waves. Each location will give you a unique experience. Tamarindo– … Continue reading

5 Towns of Costa Rica’s Central Valley

I know that when you think of Costa Rica you think of forests, animals and beaches. But the Central valley is forgotten. To me no traveler should miss this cultural capital of the country. If you want to learn about … Continue reading