Monteverde, Costa Rica

Find out where to eat, stay and play with your family while traveling to Monteverde, Costa Rica.

8 Adventures in Monteverde

Monteverde is a unique area in Costa Rica filled with tons of different animal species and lots of different orchids. It is also a place for adventurers and people looking for luxurious hotels. Check out some of the adventures waiting … Continue reading

Monteverde Cloud Forest Night Tour – Animals Galore!

What’s all the buzz about night tours and nocturnal animals? Not sure, but when you arrive to the Monteverde Cloud Forest area that’s all you hear about (Aside the regular stuff about reserves, cloud forests and ziplining). Since I can’t miss out on … Continue reading

Hotels of Monteverde, Costa Rica Part II – Valle Campanas

Character and style are what makes your stay memorable and special. Especially when you’re traveling with kids, the majority of your time is spent at the hotel, either getting ready to go out, or cleaning up, or relaxing or simply … Continue reading

What To Do in Monteverde – Ziplining and Hanging Bridges in the Cloud Forest of Monteverde

Without a doubt the number one activity(ies) in all of Monteverde is ziplining and hanging bridges in the cloud forest! Very little compares to this adventure and is a must do. In my opinion only Sky Adventure Skytrek really delivers … Continue reading

Hotels of Monteverde Part III – El Establo Hotel

Monteverde offers only one truly luxurious option for lodging and that’s – El Establo hotel. No other hotel in the area can level up to their luxurious rooms, service and uniqueness yes, but the style of rooms and also the … Continue reading

Where to Stay in Costa Rica, Monteverde Part I – Fonda Vela

Monteverde’s wide selection of hotels can be totally daunting when you start to look for options. However, it doesn’t have to be hard at all. From my family’s personal travel experiences I have realized hotels, like people, have character and … Continue reading

Fun Facts About Monteverde Cloud Forest of Costa Rica

Monteverde is Costa Rica’s most important cloud forest. It is also one of the most popular touristic areas due to the fact that it is a gem for any nature lover looking to experience a tropical, cloud forest and to … Continue reading

Discover All the Natural Wonders of Monteverde

Monteverde is known as Costa Rica’s living natural history museum because of the amount of flora and fauna that you can find in it. It is also a great place for adventurers because of the amount of tours that are … Continue reading

Travel Experta’s Interesting Facts – Monteverde & Santa Elena, Costa Rica

A long winding dirt road off of the Pan American Highway of Costa Rica will take you to Monteverde. Once you are there the first thing you will see is the beautiful town of Santa Elena where you will find … Continue reading

13 Adventures In Monteverde, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a great place for all kinds of travelers but especially to nature lovers. Monteverde is one of those areas of the country where you can get adventure and nature all at once. Here are my favorite things … Continue reading

Spotlight Costa Rica – Sky Trek Tours in Monteverde

I found a great option for nature and adventure lovers. It is a company in Costa Rica called Sky Trek. These guys offer three different tours in the Monteverde area, the sky tram, the sky-trek and the sky walk (hanging … Continue reading