Costa Rica

Visit Costa Rica and Travel!

Have you ever been in one of the most beautiful places in the world? Costa Rica is full of adventures waiting for you. One of the most rugged and rainforested countries you can find in Central America, you sure want to make a visit to Costa Rica.

From Volcanoes to Rainforest, all the way to amazing Nationals Park packed with wildlife. Here you will find a lot of family friendly adventures

Make sure you bring a camera with you, your visit to Costa Rica will be full of beautiful landscapes, magical towns and amazing spot to make cool photos and memories

What to do, see and where to stay when visiting Costa Rica with kids.

Best Trails for Hiking in Costa Rica

As soon as you get to Costa Rica put on your hiking boot, get your binoculars ready, grab a camera, and go! There is no time to lose! This is an incredibly diverse country in the heart of Central America with over 160 parks, reserves, refuges, volcanoes, sanctuaries, and other conservation areas that can be […]

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Why Jaco Hotels and Beach Resorts are the Best in Costa Rica

There are a lot of beautiful countries out there, particularly in Central America. It’s one of the most stunning and picturesque places to visit anywhere on the planet, and Costa Rica is a prime example of why this is the case. A lot of people believe that visiting Costa Rica is an adventure holiday. However, […]

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List of 5 Costa Rica Hotels That I Recommend Staying At

When you sit on your computer and start researching for the best hotels to stay in the country, you will discover that there are hotels for families, groups of friends, honeymoons, lodges, and bed and breakfasts in Costa Rica. But, there are so many great options that there is no easy way to know which […]

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Travel Costa Rica On A Budget And Save A Lot OF Money With This Activities

Costa Rica is not a destination for budget travelers. All the decent hotels range from $100 to $700 per night, activities of all sorts start at $50 up to $150 per day. So my readers are constantly emailing me to find out if there are any DEALS to be had. I’ve comprised a list that […]

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Costa Rica Sportfishing Travel Guide

Come to the mecca of world-class sport fishing. The deep blue warm waters of Costa Rica (Caribbean and Pacific) are full of marlin, mahi-mahi, sailfish, tarpon, snook-to name a few, year-round. Sportfishing is one of the best things to do in Costa Rica. Best Sports Fishing in Costa Rica: Northern Caribbean Barra del Colorada has […]

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Costa Rica’s Natural Wonder – The Mighty Arenal Volcano Costa Rica

Arenal Volcano National Park, located in north-central Costa Rica is one of the country’s most visited national parks. It’s a must for nature lovers and outdoor adventurers. In almost constant small eruptions, the mighty Arenal volcano spews out hot rocks, lava, and ash, attracting tourists from all around the world. Arenal lay dormant for over […]

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The 7 Best Places To Visit In Costa Rica – Top Natural Wonders of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is famous for its luscious green jungles and pristine white sand beaches, however, not everyone who comes here is fully aware of what this country has to offer. Its reserves, volcanoes, and movie-quality islands are gems in this country and have been major tourist attractions for years. Below is a list of the […]

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A Traveler’s Guide on the Top Things to See in Jaco, Costa Rica

Jaco is a beautiful beach town of Costa Rica that is located really close to San Jose City, in the Central Pacific region. This area is well known for its luxury hotels and wide selection of tours. There are also tons of interest things to see in the area, some of the best ones are: […]

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Corcovado National Park in Costa Rica -The Most Biologically Intense Place on Earth

When you think about the naturally rich countries in the world, Costa Rica is bound to come up as one of the top. Costa Rica, meaning Rich Coast is one of the most naturally gifted countries with exceptional tourist infrastructure. One of the major attractions of Costa Rica is Corcovado National Park. Situated on the […]

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Best Surf Spots In Costa Rica That Everyone Should Try

Costa Rica has long been recognized as one of the world’s best-surfing destinations. While it doesn’t boast the biggest waves, the “pura vida” lifestyle and variety of beach and surf conditions have earned Costa Rica a place on the surfer’s map. There are white, pink, tan, brown, and black beaches to choose from and a […]

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A List of the Top 10 Adventure Tours In Costa Rica!

So you just decided that you want to go to Costa Rica, what’s the next step? Well, you start by looking at the different areas, looking for good hotels, but most importantly you start deciding which of the adventure tours in Costa Rica are the most fun. Do you need help with that? 10 Adventure […]

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Costa Rica Food List: Local Dishes of Costa Rica – Photo Essay

When visiting Costa Rica the number one suggestion I make to everyone  – visit a SODA, the local eatery and enjoy homemade Costa Rica food. Costa Rica Food List Casado – this dish usually has beans, salad, plantains, rice and different meats, fish, chicken or vegetarian style. Gallo Pinto – you haven’t eaten Costa Rican […]

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7 of the Top Things to Do in Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica

Puerto Jimenez is a small town that can be found in the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica. This 700 people town is really close to attractions like the country’s highest mountain and is the perfect place to go sport fishing because of the biodiversity of the place. By the way, did you know that the […]

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The Best 13 Things to Do in Monteverde, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a great place for all kinds of travelers, but especially nature lovers. Monteverde is one of those areas of the country where you can get adventure and nature all at once. There are so many Things to Do in Monteverde that you might get overwhelmed with all the options. It is also […]

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5 of the Best National Parks in Costa Rica

The National Parks in Costa Rica, biological reserves, and wildlife refuges are over 25% of its territory. So narrowing down the best ones is an almost impossible task, but most travelers seem to have voted with their visit to some of the best and those are the ones we will visit here. Each of them […]

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Travel Guide to Things to Do in Guanacaste Costa Rica

You will never get bored in Costa Rica’s Gulf of Papagayo. It is formed by 12 beaches outlined by great resorts and rain forests filled with wildlife. Here are some adventures that can be had in the area: Things to Do in Guanacaste Costa Rica Air Activities in Guanacaste Canopy Tour Canopy Tours may include […]

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Travel Guide To Drake Bay Costa Rica Beaches, Parks And Waterfalls

Drake Bay Costa Rica is located in the Osa Peninsula and is known as one of the most remote and peaceful places in the country since it can only be accessed by boat. It is also pretty popular among the people interested in eco-tourism for being so close to the famous Corcovado National Park. – […]

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Tips for Driving in Costa Rica – Road Trip

There are a couple of questions I get asked all the time by travelers about to visit Costa Rica: What is it like driving in Costa Rica? Are there any special rules? and the most popular one, what side of the road do they drive on in Costa Rica? Well, this is what you get: […]

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Golfing in Costa Rica And The Best Golf Courses And Resorts In Costa Rica

Costa Rica Golf courses are among the best, professionally designed golf courses in the world. With the help of world-renowned golf architects such as: Robert Trent Jones II, Ted Robinson, Jr., Ron Garl, George Fazio, Mike Young, and Tracy May, avid golfers get excellent greens with amazing sunsets and fabulous views while staying at a […]

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All About National Parks In Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country with tons of natural beauties and is home to more than 4% of the world’s total flora and fauna. In an attempt to preserve these beauties in 1970 the Costa Rican National Park System was created. Today between the 161 wildlife refuges, national parks, private reserves, and other protected areas […]

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