Visit Belize

Find out the most family friendly hotels, restaurants and attractions in Belize. Including Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker, Cayo District, Hopkins Village and Placencia.

Snorkeling Tour on Ambergris Caye, Belize – Photo Essay

Our private tour man awaits us for the snorkel day with fish and sharks. We headed to Hol Chan Marine Reserve where some of the best snorkeling near Ambergris Caye can be experienced. These are my gorgeous captains. I’ll be … Continue reading

Biking on Caye Caulker – The Only True Way to See the Island – Photo Essay

Caye Caulker is a two mile island off of Belize City and without a doubt one of the most beautiful places my family and I have ever visited. We are so in love with it, that we want to move … Continue reading

Caye Caulker’s The Split, Belize – Photo Essay

The Split in Caye Caulker happened when a Hurricane destroyed this island years ago and split it into two parts. Now it is a great swimming area, with one of the coolest restaurants in town. Plus a killer sunset! What … Continue reading

Placencia, Belize – The Town is the Main Attraction – Photo Essay

All of Belize is known for their amazing diving and beaches. Yet I didn’t know much about the adorable town of Placencia, most of which is only to be discovered by foot. Colorful Caribbean style houses are so cute. This … Continue reading

Easy Living in Hopkins Village, Belize – Photo Essay

Hopkins Village is one of the only true villages left with the Garifuna culture as the main culture of the town. All is located along the beach and finding the restaurants and other cool things to do is part of … Continue reading

Belize in Photos

Local Artist’s work Getting ready for our snorkel tour Swimming in the Caribbean Sea Night time in Belize Sunset Family fun Birds of Belize Snorkeling Loving the sunset Island Life Spotting cool fishys in the water Family Love Photos of … Continue reading

Belize Food – Best Served at Street Food Stands

Belize, as of right now, is probably our favorite country. The beautiful weather, beaches, and people make it a place where I would consider moving to. However, the most fun we had was eating Local Belize Food at the tons … Continue reading

Caribbean Breezes and Belikin Beer, Belize

Belize is one of our favorite countries in Central America. What to do in Belize? Hang on the beach, snorkel, and sun bath. How about a cool beer to cool yourself off. Belikin Beer is the Belizean beer of choice … Continue reading

4 Places to Go to and Where to Stay in Belize

Belize might look like a tiny country, but don’t let its size fool you. It has tons of great places to visit, fun things to do and amazing hotels, so you might be wondering what to visit? and where to … Continue reading

Reason to Visit Belize #12 – Caye Caulker’s Main Street

A taste of daily life in a small town in Belize – Caye Caulker. For More Great Info Get Your Book NOW! .

Reason to Visit Belize #11 – Local Eating Joints

One of the highlights of traveling is trying the local gastronomy. So how about a meal by the sea on Belize’s Caye Caulker? For More Great Info Get Your Book NOW! .

Reason to Visit Belize # 10 – Paradise

Just one of the amazing views you get from the beautiful white sanded beaches of Belize, this is Caye Caulker. For More Great Info Get Your Book NOW! .

Reason to Visit Belize #9 – Drumming Sessions

The best part of traveling to such a tiny island of Caye Caulker is that you get to see the true culture of its people. Seeing these guys playing some music by the sea was amazing! For More Great Info … Continue reading

Reason to Visit Belize #8 – The Split, Caye Caulker

Where else so you get to eat or have a drink inside the Caribbean Sea, on Caye Caulker’s shore off The Split? For More Great Info Get Your Book NOW! .

Swimming with Sharks in Belize – Video of the Week

While visiting the Cayes of Belize, snorkeling is definitely one of the top attractions.  But the best part is without a doubt Shark Ray Alley! Here you get to swim with sharks and stingrays. For More Great Info Get Your … Continue reading

Belize Travel – Hopkins Village – Garifuna Town – Video of the Week

Hopkins Village is one of the few off-the-beaten-path towns in Belize on the coast of the Caribbean sea. Here the Garifuna population is still strong, but is also a super adorable beach town! For More Great Info Get Your Book … Continue reading

The Coconut Man, Belize – Video of the Week

Ahhhh… the simple life of Ambergris Caye in Belize. Coconuts, palm trees and white sanded beaches. For More Great Info Get Your Book NOW! .

Caribbean Tribal Drumming, Belize – Video of the Week

Caribbean and tribal drumming is a great past time. You can find it happening in all corners of Belize, especially along the Caribbean coastline and the Cayes of Belize. For More Great Info Get Your Book NOW! .

Tribal Music, Drumming and Dance Traditions – Garifuna Kids in Belize – Video of the Week

Garifuna Indians are people that were shipwrecked on the way to the slave trades. They populated the Caribbean coast of Central America. Few really remain but their traditional drumming is still found in Belize. For More Great Info Get Your … Continue reading

How to Plan your Vacation to Belize

Belize is the only country in Central America where English is the national language. Which is great for travelers, but for us took us for a little bit of a spin when making reservations because I kept on wanting to … Continue reading