Central America

Visit Central America

Find out where to eat, stay and play in Central America (Costa Rica, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and El Salvador).

As one of the most diverse places in the world, you will want to know every single place on your travel to Central America.

From a wonderful beach at Belize to spending the night by a volcano in El Salvador. A visit to Central America sure will give you a lot of experiences and adventures.

Travel in Central America is full of beautiful places, amazing people and heartwarming landscapes.

Family friendly attractions, hotels and restaurants.

Xocomil Guatemala: A Visit to Central America’s Best Water Park

Xocomil is a big water park, the biggest of Guatemala. It is part of IRTRA, and organization created by big corporations in the country for the recreation of all workers. They own a compound of theme parks and water parks distributed all over the country but this one along with its neighbor, Xetulul theme park, […]

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Everything You Need to Know Before Traveling to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the most popular countries to travel in Central America, there are many attractions, landmarks and things to do for any type of tourist.

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Hotel Casa Santo Domingo, Antigua: More Than Just a Hotel

Hotel Casa Santo Domingo in Antigua, Guatemala is not only a super luxurious hotel, yes, you can find a spa and nice restaurant but the biggest draw is it actually is a museum.

In today’s podcast, I’m going to talk about Hotel Casa Santo Domingo.

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Porta Hotel Antigua, Guatemala: Most Complete Option

Porta Hotel Antigua is of the oldest hotels and most luxurious in Antigua, Guatemala, also, one of the most family friendly places with a huge variety of activities.

In today’s podcast, I’m going to talk about Porta Hotel Antigua, one of the best hotels in Antigua.

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7 Things to Do in Xela (Quetzaltenango), Guatemala

Quetzaltenango, Guatemala Quetzaltenango, Guatemala is the country’s second-largest city, and it is most commonly known as Xela. Here you will also find the largest population of K’iche Mayan population. During the past few years, it has become a popular destination for travelers that want to learn some Spanish. It also offers great options for volunteers. […]

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Hotel Soleil La Antigua, Guatemala: Closest Hotel to Be a Resort in Antigua

There are no resorts in Antigua, Guatemala, but the one that’s closest to be one is definitely Hotel Soleil La Antigua.

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Ultimate Guide to the Western Highlands of Guatemala

Western Highlands of Guatemala Get off the tried-and-true trail to explore the homelands of the Maya people and Guatemala’s second-largest city named after the Quetzal bird, Quetzaltenango, better known as Xela (Shay-la). Here you can enjoy a trip through the bustling mountain town of Huehuetenango on your way to Todos Santos Cuchumatan, one of the […]

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Hostel Selina Antigua: Best Option for Backpackers and Families

Selina Antigua is a hostel that’s suitable for backpacker and digital nomads, but not only that it has many things for family to spend a good time.

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Meson Panza Verde, Antigua, Guatemala: Best Luxury Option

Whenever anyone talks about a luxury romantic experience and delicious international style food in Antigua, Meson Panza Verde is the first option.

In today’s Podcast, I’m going to talk about Meson Panza Verde Hotel and Restaurant.

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Kombu Ramen Shop, Antigua: Best Option for Ramen in Antigua

Ramen is a hard thing to do good and if you are in Antigua, Guatemala you definitely need to try Kombu Ramen Shop, they definitely get it right, one of the first ramen shop in the country.

In today podcast, I’m going to talk about Kombu Ramen Shop in Antigua, Guatemala, one of the best ramen shops around.

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Ta’Cool Restaurant in Antigua: Best Option for Tacos!

One of the best choices when it comes to Mexican food in Antigua, Guatemala is definitely Ta’Cool, offering a wide variation of tacos, Mexican dishes and delicious drinks.

In today’s podcast, I’m going to talk about Ta’Cool, a taco and mexican food restaurant in Antigua.

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Sublime Restaurant, Guatemala City: High-End Guatemalan Cuisine

One of the best restaurants, not only in Guatemala, but Latin America too (No. 31 at the LatAm 50 Best restaurants) and the biggest draw is the fact they serve vegan friendly dishes!

In today’s podcast, I’m going to talk about Sublime Restaurant, a whole different adventure in Guatemalan cuisine.

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Saul Mendez, Guatemala: From Fashion to Many Restaurants

There are many different types of Saul restaurants, most of them in Guatemala City but in Antigua you can find Saul Bistro Antigua and it’s incredible.

In today’s podcast, I’m going to talk about Saul Restaurants.

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Escalonia Cafe, Antigua: Nursery and Coffee Shop

Want to have a cup of coffee surrounded by one of the biggest draws of Guatemala? Nature! Escalonia Cafe, is not only a restaurant, it’s a nursery too!

In today’s podcast, I’m going to talk about Escalonia Cafe in Antigua, Guatemala.

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24 Hours in Manual Antonio: What to Do and Places to Visit

Manuel Antonio National Park is an amazing place to visit if you’re looking for white sand beaches, coral reef and a lot of wildlife.

In today’s podcast, I’m going to talk about 24 hours in Manuel Antonio and everything you need to know to take advantages of your time there.

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McDonalds, Antigua: Most Beautiful in the Whole World

I have been to many McDonald’s across the world, but without a doubt the most stunning of all is located in Antigua, Guatemala.

In today’s podcast, I’m going to be talking about the most beautiful McDonald’s in the whole world, McDonalds Antigua.

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24 Hours in Antigua: What to Do and Places to Visit

Antigua, Guatemala is a small town in Guatemala, but it has a lot of things to do and see.

I’m going to talk about 24 hours or a day in Antigua, Guatemala

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The 5 Tips For Traveling In Costa Rica

Are you planning a tour of Costa Rica? Here we have come up with 5 tips for traveling in Costa Rica that will not only make your tour easy but will also make it more enjoyable. 1. Some cheapest destinations to visit While everyone has a myth about the Costa Rica tour that it is […]

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Starbucks in Antigua: Where Tradition and Delicious Coffee Meets

You can’t go wrong with a Starbucks coffee, and its place in Antigua is one of the most beautiful locations in the whole country, you can enjoy a coffee in a traditional Guatemalan patio!

In today’s podcasts, I’m going to talk about Starbucks Antigua, an incredible place for working or just relaxing

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24 Hours in Lake Atitlan: What to Do and Places to Visit

Lake Atitlan in Guatemala is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, used to be a volcano and have many interesting to offer. Each year, many tourist heads to this lake to enjoy its natural beauty.

In today’s podcast, I’m going to talk about the things you can do in 24 hours in Lake Atitlan, to take advantage of your time there.

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