Can-Do Bucket List

Do you know what’s wrong with bucket lists?

It turns into another thing that you can NOT do. Instead of inspiring us, it turns into something we wish we co do but most likely will never do because it’s so out of reach.

Sure, I enjoy looking at beautiful places and people swimming with sharks in crystal waters, or spending the night in an igloo looking at the Aurora Borealis. But the reality of that happening any time soon, when I live in Guatemala, in the middle of 3 volcanoes, sets in and instead of inspiring me, it starts to feel like another disappointment and goal that can’t be accomplished in the near future.

I realized that no one is focusing on the magical CAN-DO bucket list. One that we can start doing right now, and start living a fulfilled, adventurous, full-of-experience LIFE!

It’s time to create the most important commodity ever – MEMORIES.


Bucket List: 10 Things To Do in Costa Rica Full of Must-See Worthy Spots

Since you are starting to plan your vacation to Costa Rica or you are being curious, don’t worry, here you have a Bucket list of things to do in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a small country but has many things to see. It is full of excitement, natural adventures, and surprising activities full of […]

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Finding a Vegetarian Restaurant in Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville in North Carolina has always been on my top bucket list of places to visit in the United States. And the main things I’ve always heard about Asheville are: 1 – Mountain and fresh 2 – Local driven 3 – Organic and healthy living 4 – Progressive and forward moving place All of the […]

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Finding an Unexpected Plant Based Comfort Food Restaurant in Asheville, NC

Comfort food is not exactly a term I use when it comes to eating.  But now that I have been introduced to it, it’s hard not to always look for it. And trust me, when you see it you just know it! My husband and I took our yearly getaway trip to Asheville, North Carolina […]

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Benefits of Booking with New Malden Service Provider

Travelling has currently become a necessity. Whenever you book a cab you should try to get its unique benefits. New Malden Service Provider has come to give customers extremely inimitable benefits to whoever books with us. You may be wondering how can I access the New Malden Service Provider. Just go to the google play […]

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Travel Gift Guide for the Nomad in Your Life

The holidays are coming and we are all going crazy thinking about what we are going to get for our loved ones. It might get hard to think of something for everyone. This is especially true when it comes to travelers. We tend to move a lot and normal gifts are usually a bit complicated […]

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Top Things to Do in San Jose Costa Rica | Travel Guide

Let’s face it, when you plan a trip to Costa Rica, the first thing that you think of is the gorgeous wildlife, exploring natural beauties and relaxing at its beaches. Most of you don’t exactly want to make San Jose, the capital city, a destination. But you’d be surprised about all the Fun Things to […]

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Where To Go While Looking for an Indoor Climbing Gym in Washington DC Area

Guest post from Brandon Villatoro (The Travel Experta’s Son) Every year we visit the US two times per year. But now with our training schedule for climbing, we have to keep up even when traveling. So when visiting our uncle in the DC area I looked for an indoor climbing gym to maintain our strict […]

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Returning to Roatan After 7 Years – Honduras Travel

Seven years ago I took my oldest boy to Roatan, Honduras for a mama and son trip. And now, I’m doing the same fun trip with my youngest boy. Roatan, the Caribbean island off of  Honduras, has a special calling, because I rarely go anywhere more than once, not to mention I’ve now been here […]

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Climbing in Guatemala – Amatitlan Rock Breakdown

Guest post by Brandon Villatoro (Travel Experta’s son) Amatitlan and Xela are the biggest and most recommended places for climbing in Guatemala. I will mainly tell you my experience of Amatitlan because I have never been to Xela. But will be going soon, so stay tuned. Amatitlan is a very big lake (Lake Amatitlan) located […]

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6 Top Things to Do in Hong Kong – Don’t Miss These on Your Ocean Park Adventure

Excited for your Ocean Park Hong Kong adventure? You should be! Anyone who visits this vibrant country is sure to include this famous sea-themed park in their bucket list.  With all its world-class facilities and fun services suitable for all ages, Ocean Park remains to be one of the leading must-visited spots in Hong Kong, […]

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Rock Climbing and Climbing Hostel Birthday Fun

Guest Post by Brandon Villatoro (Travel Experta’s Son) Climbing just got that much more fun in Guatemala! Belay Partners Hostal is a new hostel located right beside the best climbing rock in Amatitlan, Guatemala. Usually, when I want to go climbing in the rock it is very difficult because afternoon (12 pm) the sun starts […]

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Our New Climbing Spot – QuboAntigua Climbing Gym

Guest Post by Brandon Villatoro (Travel Experta’s Son) QuboAntigua, a new indoor climbing gym that opened just one week ago is our new never-want-to-leave-place. It’s a bouldering gym that is awesome and not huge. They also double as a restaurant and they make the most tastiest pizza. What we love most about it is the […]

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Travel Like a Local Immerse in Rock Climbing (Indoor Climbing Gym)

Almost twelve years ago my husband stumbled onto a climbing gym and became a quick addict. At that time, our oldest boy was around four years old, and he came along with his papa for the fun of it. When our second boy was born, we started to take them both to the local wall […]

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Review – Indoor Climbing Gym – Casa Boulder, Guatemala City

Guest Post by Brandon Villatoro (Travel Experta’s son) Casa Boulder is a small climbing gym where there is only bouldering routes. The owner is called Mario, he is very charismatic, he will give very fun routes and will help you warm up your body before climbing. He is definitely one of the reasons for us […]

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Siurana, Spain – Rock Climbing, Camping and So Much More…

GUEST POST by Brandon Villatoro (Travel Experta’s Son) When I was 11 years old my family had an idea which was to go to Spain and rock climb. And that is exactly what we did. We went to Siurana, Spain in Catalonia. This area is considered to be one of the best climbing place in […]

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Climbing Gym in Guatemala – Big Mountain Review

Special Guest Writer – Brandon Villatoro Kuperman (Travel Experta’s Son!) Welcome to Big Mountain! One of Guatemala’s City’s top climbing gyms where you can go climbing with your family. The gym has a wall that is 13 meters tall. Other walls that allow you to create angles or inclinations for different climbing disciplines such as Bouldering […]

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Step Back in Time – Fun for the Whole Family at Luna Park in Coney Island

If you know anything about the recent history of the US you know that Coney Island and its boardwalk is the quintessential amusement park beach. The actual boardwalk originally opened back in 1923, its official name is Riegelmann Boardwalk. Now, it is known for being home to one of the most famous boardwalk amusement parks […]

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Travel Gear – Travelers Coffee Kit Review

Living in Antigua Guatemala and being a lover of hiking, it is a normal thing to spend Sundays hiking the Acatenango trails with friends. One thing we love to do is start the hike extremely early in the morning, at around 6 AM. This allows us to walk at a relaxed pace, chatting and enjoying […]

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Sebring Florida An Unexpected Vacation Spot

Sebring or the “The City on the Circle” as some like to call it, due to Circle Drive, is located right at the center of the Historic District. Due to its small size, it tends to be overlooked by travelers who prefer to focus on larger and more popular places such as Miami and Orlando. […]

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Manasota Key Florida – A Quick Guide to a Family Fun Trip

A few years back my husband and I decided to start traveling with our kids to Florida for the holidays. This is where my family lives. We kept it up for the past few years to the point that it has now become a full-on tradition. During those visits, we also take a chance to […]

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