Adventure List

Make Every Day an Adventure

Do you know what’s wrong with bucket lists?

It turns into another thing that you can NOT do. Instead of inspiring us, it turns into something we wish we can do but most likely will never do because it’s so out of reach.

Sure, I enjoy looking at beautiful places and people swimming with sharks in crystal waters or spending the night in an igloo looking at the Aurora Borealis. But the reality of that happening any time soon, when I live in Guatemala, in the middle of 3 volcanoes, sets in, and instead of inspiring me, it starts to feel like another disappointment and goal that can’t be accomplished in the near future.

I realized that no one is focusing on the magical Adventure list. One that we can start doing right now, and start living a fulfilled, adventurous, full-of-experience LIFE!

It’s time to create the most important commodity ever – MEMORIES.

City Tavern Philly: Food, History, Facts and More – Eat What the US Revolutionaries Ate

What is the first thought that comes to mind when hearing Philadelphia? For me, it was two thoughts – Constitution and the American Revolution. I guess they kind of go together hand in hand.  When I started to research the most iconic, historic places to visit in Philly, aside from the Liberty Bell and Independence […]

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Lancaster County Home of All You Can Eat Restaurants

Not sure why the trend in Lancaster County is all-you-can-eat style restaurants from huge buffets to family-style meals, but I’ll take it. Secretly, I am a huge buffet fan. My husband, on the other hand, is into the a la carte styled menus. But since he couldn’t join us on this family trip, I had […]

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Play Mobile West Palm Beach – A Great Day With Kids

Living in West Palm Beach we have the great benefit of living close to the only Playmobil Fun Park in the United States. And the best part – it is only $1 to enter. Do those types of prices even exist anymore? Apparently so. And it is worth every penny. My oldest boy is extremely […]

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55 Facts About Vermont to Learn Before You Go

Vermont, nestled in the North East of the USA, is a nature’s playground with open-minded locals and tons of history. Before going to any place, I love to immerse myself in the history and traditions of each town, city, park, and more. That’s why I have gathered here facts about Vermont, its history, places and […]

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Top 5 Best Things To Do in Loxahatchee Park In Florida

If you look at the map of Southern Florida, you’ll be amazed as to how large the Everglades really are. It’s been a long dream of mine to visit the park and really sink my teeth into all it has to offer. However, with a two-year-old, I’ll be missing out on all the fun tours […]

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New Orleans Swamp Tour Review – Is It Worth the Trip?

Traveling to New Orleans as a single parent allows me to really expand my search for the best family-friendly adventures in the area. And, of course, I had a lot of help by watching ‘Princess and the Frog’ a ton of times to know that we wanted to get a peek of the bayou and […]

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5 Best Climbing Gyms in Washington DC Area and Around

Guest post from Brandon Villatoro (The Travel Experta’s Son) Every year we visit the US two times per year. But now with our training schedule for climbing, we have to keep up even when traveling. So when visiting our uncle in the DC area I looked for an indoor climbing gym to maintain our strict […]

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Why Staying at Smugglers Notch Condos for JUST Three Days is a Bad Idea

One thing about raising tropical kids in Central America is that they YEARN for snow. I grew up in the snow. So for me, it’s not a novelty. Quite frankly, it’s been over 20 years that I’ve experienced it, and memory has a funny way of playing with your mind. What I seem to remember […]

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Coconut Crew Camp at The Breakers, Palm Beach (Fun for Kids)

I won’t beat around the bush. What makes a great stay at a family resort? Plenty of kid’s activities and freedom for the parents, and that’s what exactly this resort offers. Here’s a list of fun family activities at The Breakers in Palm Beach. Ironically enough, up to this point, my kids always chose to […]

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Tampa Bay History Center – Get the Low-Down on Tampa, Florida

Here’s the real low-down. I have been to a couple of history centers in various cities in the past, and the best recommendation I had about them was that they were great cures for insomnia. So, to say the least, I was quite reluctant to visit the Tampa Bay History Center. However, after doing research and communicating […]

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Come On the Turkey Hill Experience Review – A Ride of a Lifetime

When doing research for upcoming trips, I always start my process by posting in my favorite family travel groups I belong to on Facebook. It’s a great way to start the searches, cause the majority of the moms in these groups to have kids the same age as mine. Plus, their travel styles are similar […]

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New Orleans Maison Dupuy Hotel Review

When I first started doing my research for our trip to New Orleans, I must admit I quickly became so overwhelmed with the hundreds upon hundreds of hotels there were to choose from I almost backed out. We ended up staying at Maison Dupuy Hotel, and this is my review and tour. However, from my […]

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11 Things To Do In Central Park: Things You’d Never Thought Of!

You can’t come to NYC and not visit Central Park. It’s practically sinful to do that.  Even if you visit in the dead of winter, it’s still a magical place. Here are 11 things to do in Central Park, New York, things you didn’t even imagine of doing here! Also, did you know that you […]

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Cafe Beignet New Orleans Review: Facts, History and More – More Than Just Beignets

Beignets, Beignets, Beignets. This is all we heard before coming to New Orleans. Everyone was telling us it is a must to eat them. Plus, watching ‘Princess and the Frog’ eight hundred times, you have to get a taste. So, we head to one of the best places, Cafe Beignet! Here’s my full review and […]

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Top 9 Best Things To Do In Magic Kingdom, Florida

Everyone in the whole world dreams of going to Disney one day. Either it’s their dream vacation or it’s something on their bucket list along with going to Niagara Falls or seeing a kangroo. Regardless of where it is on their travel priority list, the name Disney is universal and brings out the same emotions in […]

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Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort Review

Every year we visit South Florida. It’s become a tradition for us since we visit my family in West Palm Beach for the holidays and then enjoy short trips close by to explore Florida. We’ve been all around West Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Miami, and the Florida Keys, but interestingly enough, we kept skipping right […]

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A Visit to Ponce de Leon’s Fountain Of Youth Archaeological Park

I and school never got along. I was an average student, finding classrooms a terrible place to learn about the world. If you ask me about most of my classes, I wouldn’t be able to tell you anything memorable. All my true learning came from outside the school. Although, the one thing I did remember […]

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Taberna Del Caballo St. Augustine Florida: 18th Century Spanish Restaurant

What’s a visit to St. Augustine and not eating at an authentic Spanish Tavern (Taberna del Caballo) which resembled one of the 40 taverns that were open during the 18th Century. This is my full review and experience at Taberna Del Caballo in St. Augustine. If you want to learn more about the history of this […]

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Hershey Chocolate World: A Must Do for the Whole Family

Chocolate World – just those two words will get anyone excited, and when they are part of the Hershey adventure, it becomes that much more of a Must-Do experience when visiting Hershey. Here’s a full Hershey Park Chocolate tour, with facts, things to do, and useful information. Before I take you a photographic journey of […]

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Raintree Restaurant St. Augustine, Florida – Elegance and Fine Dining for Families

Going on a trip and not having a fine dining night out should be considered a travel sin.  And yes, you can do it with small kids. Maybe not a Michelin-rated restaurant, but don’t give up hope. All it takes is a bit of searching for the right restaurant, with the right elements, and you […]

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