Adventure List

Make Every Day an Adventure

Do you know what’s wrong with bucket lists?

It turns into another thing that you can NOT do. Instead of inspiring us, it turns into something we wish we can do but most likely will never do because it’s so out of reach.

Sure, I enjoy looking at beautiful places and people swimming with sharks in crystal waters or spending the night in an igloo looking at the Aurora Borealis. But the reality of that happening any time soon, when I live in Guatemala, in the middle of 3 volcanoes, sets in, and instead of inspiring me, it starts to feel like another disappointment and goal that can’t be accomplished in the near future.

I realized that no one is focusing on the magical Adventure list. One that we can start doing right now, and start living a fulfilled, adventurous, full-of-experience LIFE!

It’s time to create the most important commodity ever – MEMORIES.

Harry’s Seafood, Bar & Grille: St Augustine and Ocala Review

When I began planning my family’s trip this past December I narrowed my search to New Orleans. This was the original plan with a few stops along the way in Northern Florida.  Due to my husband’s schedule, we had to cancel the NOLA trip and I put all my energy into Northern Florida as our […]

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Fun Facts About Daytona Beach Florida

Daytona Beach Florida has a fun history. Besides being MTV’s first Spring Break reality show, and known for bike week and of course for Daytona International Speedway, there is much more to this great beach town. While exploring the city for a few days, my family and I were able to learn a lot of […]

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Vizcaya Museum & Gardens Miami FL

Museums and kids can be an odd combination if it’s not the right type of museum. During my search for places to visit in Miami with my family, I found Vizcaya Museum and Gardens and was instantly pulled in. The first thing to came to mind was Versailles in France. Pre-Kids I visited Europe numerous […]

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Camping at Brewster River Campground, Smugglers’ Notch Review

Confession time! I am not a fan of camping. However, my oldest son has been bugging me to do real camping in the US for literally over one year. Most of the places we’ve been to in the past year haven’t exactly been camping friendly. So when I started to plan our trip to Vermont, […]

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8 Free Things to Do in Boston Everyone Should Try

Boston is one of the most historic cities in the United States and one of the most popular destinations in the country. This city in the heart of Massachusetts has an endless list of family-friendly things to do in Boston, historical places to visit, and parks. A few of the attractions in Boston are free […]

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World’s Largest Mcdonald’s Orlando Florida – Is This Really Necessary?

We all know how much we love McDonald’s. It is one of the largest restaurant chains in the whole world. Its menu is full of fast food items like hamburgers, fries, shakes, smoothies, wraps, salads and many more items. Do you know that there is a McDonald’s in Orlando that is considered as the world’s largest […]

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Fun Facts and History of Charlotte North Carolina

Whenever traveling to new cities or towns I love to dive into the history of the place. Normally my family and I take tours to give us the full info about the place. This time we were in Charlotte but our time was limited. However, I still managed to indulge myself in learning all the […]

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Crabby Joes Restaurant Daytona Beach Review

A trend is forming for me. Whenever I head to a new spot I find myself doing massive searches online, but in the end usually go with the advice and recommendations of tourism board experts. Such was the case with Daytona Beach Florida. Gentry, from Daytona Beach Tourism office, when I asked her what is […]

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Fun Breakfast Restaurant Near Weeki Wachee, Florida – Leslie’s Bistro

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for me. Well, technically not for me, but for my kids. My boys are extremely picky eaters but can shovel down a good breakfast. As a matter of fact, they can eat breakfast three times a day. So when we travel nothing can disrupt our breakfast […]

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Visiting Legoland Florida- Photo Essay

Legoland in Florida is the perfect theme park to visit if you have kids younger than 12 years old. The best age is around 9 years old, which my oldest was at the time of our visit. My 3 year old also had a blast, but wasn’t able to do all the rides. Which was […]

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2 Things You Can Do In Boston During Your Vacation

Welcome to Boston, the largest city of Massachusetts! As one of the oldest cities of the United States, it is a place filled with history and tons of historical sites, visiting them is a must-do in Boston for travelers. It was founded in 1630 by Puritan colonists on the Shawmut Peninsula. It is now a […]

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Florida Legoland – We Finally Arrived!

My planning for Legoland began in December 2012. That was a long time to wait for a cool place. But it was a great way to keep my kids behaving (for the most part) during the year, knowing that the carrot at the end of the reward stick was Legoland. So you can imagine how […]

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Legoland Miniland, Florida – A Must Visit Exhibit

Legoland has a one day or two day pass. We were there for the winter months and the water park was closed. Which would be a good reason to do the two-day pass. That is before I discovered Miniland Legoland. The exhibit of miniature cities was by far my absolute favorite thing to see. I […]

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Theme Restaurants in NYC – Taking it Up a Notch

Theme restaurants can be a bit corny, with a negative connotation to them. Just thinking of going to one makes one feel you’ll be part of the herd that follows the marketing, corporate push to get people to visit these restaurants. And worse of all, be labeled as a ‘dumb tourist’ even if it’s in […]

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Disney Character Greeting at Epcot Center Orlando, Florida

One of the most important aspects of visiting Disney Parks are character meetings. These ageless stars make the Disney memories come alive. As flaky and cliche as this sounds, and if it didn’t actually happen to us while we were there, I wouldn’t even give them a second thought as to something to see while […]

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Disney Memories – Remembering Disney with Photos

Making memories while traveling is the best memories kids can have. And Disney is the motherlode of where memories are made. Plus, it’s a great way for extended family to have fun together. Eat crazy stuff. No matter what – do.not.miss the Electric Parade. It will leave you speechless. Fireworks that all other firework shows […]

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Step Back in Time – Fun for the Whole Family at Luna Park in Coney Island

If you know anything about the recent history of the US you know that Coney Island and its boardwalk is the quintessential amusement park beach. The actual boardwalk originally opened back in 1923, its official name is Riegelmann Boardwalk. Now, it is known for being home to one of the most famous boardwalk amusement parks […]

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Legoland Park Pictures: One Artistic Theme Park

When we arrived to Legoland Florida, I was shocked to find out it was way more than just a typical theme park. I guess that comes with the territory when you visit the most famous building blocks maker in the world. The artists who created cities, monuments and other interesting statutes around the park deserve […]

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Our Mini Honeymoon Motorcycle Road Trip – How About Renting a Harley Davidson?

After eleven years of marriage my husband and I are going on an ‘official’ mini honeymoon. Or in other words, romantic getaway. Technically we never had a honeymoon since we got married and immediately moved to Costa Rica. Now, instead of planning to move to a new country, I got to plan a totally cool […]

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3 Ways to Pamper Yourself on Disney Fantasy Cruise Inauguration

I had the unbelievable honor of being invited to the maiden voyage of the Disney Fantasy cruise. During this trip, I was able to thoroughly explore the boat and have fun at the off cruise experience in Castaway Caye. However, there is a good reason why I don’t go on a lot of cruises. I […]

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