Adventure List

Make Every Day an Adventure

Do you know what’s wrong with bucket lists?

It turns into another thing that you can NOT do. Instead of inspiring us, it turns into something we wish we can do but most likely will never do because it’s so out of reach.

Sure, I enjoy looking at beautiful places and people swimming with sharks in crystal waters or spending the night in an igloo looking at the Aurora Borealis. But the reality of that happening any time soon, when I live in Guatemala, in the middle of 3 volcanoes, sets in, and instead of inspiring me, it starts to feel like another disappointment and goal that can’t be accomplished in the near future.

I realized that no one is focusing on the magical Adventure list. One that we can start doing right now, and start living a fulfilled, adventurous, full-of-experience LIFE!

It’s time to create the most important commodity ever – MEMORIES.

Fun Facts About Crystal River Florida

Way before Crystal River was world-famous for swimming with Manatee, it had a super-rich history and incredible facts. I have been there so many times and I just don’t get tired of it, that’s why I decided to write the most interesting facts about Crystal River in Florida. Fun Facts about Crystal River, Florida This […]

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All About ArborTrek Canopy Adventures in Smugglers Notch, Vermont

While planning my family’s day trip to Smuggler’s Notch Resort in Vermont, I was lucky enough to get the best advice from Karen Boushie, Smuggs.com PR director. Thanks to her recommendation, she directed us to check out ArborTrek Canopy Adventures. ArborTrek is less than a five-minute drive from Smuggler’s Notch Resort, you do need a […]

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Restaurants Near Strasburg Railroad: Hershey Farm Restaurant

Why do trains and railroads bring out adventure feelings in people? What is it about them? Strasburg Railroad is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Lancaster, PA. A historic railroad with one of the oldest steam train in the world that showcases the history of railroads in America and you get the chance […]

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Top 8 Things To Do in New Orleans with Kids (+ Restaurants)

In my experience, New Orleans is one of the most culturally intense cities in the US. With jazz, voodoo, Mardi Gras, its French heritage, and others like Creole, African American, and the Caribbean, everywhere you look, there is something interesting to learn about. Top things to do in New Orleans with kids and the best […]

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Visiting Hershey Park, Pennsylvania – Find Out the Ins and Outs

The only true way for me to get my kids psyched and excited about going to Pennsylvania was the promise of spending an entire day at Hershey Amusement Park .  At this point, the words ‘Amusement park or Theme park‘ are used as currency in my house for joining in on any trip. And it worked […]

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Fun Breakfast Restaurant Near Weeki Wachee, Florida – Leslie’s Bistro

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for me. Well, technically not for me, but for my kids. My boys are extremely picky eaters but can shovel down a good breakfast. As a matter of fact, they can eat breakfast three times a day. So when we travel nothing can disrupt our breakfast […]

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Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala: Complete Guide to the Lake’s True Metropolis

If you’re new to Lake Atitlan area of Guatemala, chances are you will hear facts about Panajachel and think this is the biggest town on the lake. Well, it’s not. It may be the most notable one for the foreigners that populate it and visit it, however, the biggest city is actually Santiago. That’s why […]

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Road Bike Groupsets: Shimano vs. SRAM

Groupsets represent a collection of components that essentially enable you to stop and go when riding a bike. Comprising the drive train, shifters and brakes, upgrading the group set on your bike can improve your ride performance and enjoyment. Although there are many brands that manufacture bike components and differ in certain ways, in the main, […]

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Panajachel, Guatemala: Things To Do and Places to Visit

“Pana,” as it’s known to locals, is the biggest hippie town south of Guatemala. It is located on the banks of Lake Atitlan in central Guatemala. Panajachel is all about de-stressing and chilling out. Many of the full-time residents are Americans and Europeans who moved to Panajachel years or decades ago, seeking a simpler life. […]

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Roasting Marshmallows Over Lava: Pacaya Volcano Hike in Guatemala

Few places in the world truly leave you speechless and is hard not to find a volcano in Guatemala. So, Pacaya Volcano is definitely one of those places. And nothing beats sharing a Volcano Hike with your kids and friends. Pacaya Volcano is located about one hour from Antigua, Guatemala and/or Guatemala City, depending on […]

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Lush Hotel (Aaculaax) in San Marco, Guatemala: A True Artistic, Boutique Hotel Near Lake Atitlan

Imagine tiny footpaths surrounded by tropical plants, small shops, and friendly locals. This is exactly what you find in San Marcos. It is a tiny village located on one of the most beautiful lakes in the world – Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. However, what makes this town even more unique is all the different activities […]

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5 Unusual Places to Visit  in Guatemala

Now that I have been around the touristic industry in Guatemala I noticed that most travelers seem to think that the country is all about Antigua, Tikal, Atitlan, and Pacaya Volcano, some also go to Lanquin and Semuc Champey which is great. Even the kid of travelers looking for something more adventurous tend to stick […]

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Casas Pelicanos Monterrico is an Ideal Beach House Rental

Beaches and Guatemala can be a bit of complexity for me. Now that I’m traveling with my family, and have become addicted to vacation rentals, finding the right one is not all that easy. But I got lucky and found just the right one for me and my family, here’s my review for Casas Pelicanos […]

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Barcelona Gothic Quarter: What You Will Learn and See On a Walking Tour

Before arriving to any new destination, researching the place is not only common, but a smart thing to do. Unless you totally want to wing it, which is fun, but when you have kids, winging anything is more of a hassle than the joy of it. So when I started my orientation of Best Barcelona […]

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Discover the Churches in Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua, Guatemala Churches Antigua is a town of churches, cathedrals, and monasteries. Due to many natural disasters such as earthquakes and volcanoes, a lot of these buildings have seen better days. However, you can enjoy the newly rebuilt editions and get a feel of the golden days. Vising the churches in Antigua is one of […]

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Where to Go Surfing in Guatemala

Being an expat living in Guatemala for the past years, I have gotten to know and visit most of the beaches and surf spot in the country.  Guatemala has 150 miles of uncrowded, pristine, volcanic black sanded, and year-round surfable coastline and has become known as Latin America’s last surfing frontier. With over 22 amazing […]

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Top 5 Most Awesome US Cycling Routes

Cycling isn’t just a way to get good exercise, it allows you to experience the outdoors, connect with nature, take a scenic tour of the country, and see some of the nation’s most famous sites and parks like never before. Millions of people in the US go road biking each year as a hobby or […]

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Salpicon Colombia: Best Traditional and Fruity Drink in The Country

A huge prerequisite for me when visiting any part of the world is to always taste the local food and drink. Every single country has something that is extra special for either the country, city or town that you visit and in Colombia there are so many that I had a blast tasting many. My […]

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North Caribbean Costa Rica: Beaches, Places to Visit and Things to Do

The North Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica is famously known as the ‘Port City of Limon’. It consists of a cluster of freshwater canals and wetland areas, surrounded by thick rainforest heaving with wildlife and 22 miles of protected black sanded beaches. From July to October the endangered green sea turtle makes its way over […]

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Irtra Xetulul Guatemala: Central America’s Best Theme Park

Xetulul is a beautiful award-winning theme park known as the best in Central America. It is located in the Retalhuleu Department. It is surrounded by 4 beautiful hotels and a great water park. They are all part of a compound of parks and hotels distributed along the country known as IRTRA Guatemala. Xetulul is a […]

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