Fishing and Hunting Trips: Great Places to Catch It And Cook It

For those who enjoy the outdoors, hunting and fishing are great vacation activities that can help us grow closer to nature and relax in peaceful settings. Unfortunately, those who live in urban areas may not have many nearby opportunities to participate in these activities – but that’s what vacation is for! Whether you prefer hunting deer in wooded preserves or catching fish along the shore in Costa Rica, beautiful destinations abound. Travelers who are looking for a cool destination for their fishing or hunting trips around the world. This is a short guide for those travelers.

Fishing and Hunting Trips

Great Places to Catch It And Cook It

Into The Woods

Deer are among the most popular hunting game, and there are plenty of excellent opportunities to track deer, geese, turkey, and even bear in New York State – you just need to find a secluded area at the right time of year. Be sure you know when the hunting season is; in New York state, for example, these dates vary by region and by hunting implement.

If you’re headed into the woods to hunt deer or other animals, don’t forget to pack your sights. A good rangefinder can help you make sure you’re well-positioned, and keep you from unnecessarily scaring off the animals. You may also want to keep binoculars or a field scope on hand.

At The Water’s Edge

For those who prefer fishing to hunt, you’ll want to consider a few different factors when choosing where to do fishing vacation, such as what types of fish you prefer to eat. If you’re hoping for fish like Walleye and Catfish, then you may enjoy a fishing trip to Wisconsin, while you’re likely to find plenty of types of Bass, Catfish, and Rainbow Trout in Texas.

If you’d like to introduce your kids to the wonders of seafood, you might also consider a destination known for clamming or for their muscles. Many younger children will enjoy digging up these creatures and then wander off to play, but may not take as well to boats. Seattle has excellent clamming, as do many mid-Atlantic states.

Seeking Diverse Offerings 

Many fishers and hunters also have family members who are less than enthused about a day out at sea and who would rather enjoy the beach or see some landmarks, so don’t forget to take this into account in your travel plans. Choosing a remote fishing and hunting lodge may not be a great choice for these families. Not to worry – there are plenty of getaways that combine both.

Avid fishers, for example, might enjoy fishing in Tamarindo, Costa Rica while their families surf, go on wildlife tours, or play golf and tennis elsewhere on the island, with everyone meeting again in the evening to enjoy the catch of the day. The same is also true for many places in Florida – Daytona has great fishing, but also offers the famous speedway, the beach, and museums for those non-anglers. Hybrid locations like this are ideal for family vacations.

No matter where you choose for your hunting or fishing vacation, don’t forget to check with the local authorities about appropriate permits and regulations. Once that’s in order, you’re off – it’s time to enjoy your vacation and get back to nature.

When hunting, consider strong and durable hunting gloves as well.

Last Updated on March 19, 2022

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