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How to Carry a Portable Sink While Traveling

Portable sinks provide high-quality handwashing alternatives in places where you cannot find regular or traditional sinks and during your RV travels. They are also called self-contained since they contain all the things required for operation within the compact unit. The good thing about these sinks is that they do not need any installation or plumbing.How to catty a Portable Sink when you travel, how to install it and all about how it can benefit you.This is a full guide on Portable Sink.

They are more mobile compared to other sinks. They are portable, and the user can move with them from one point to another. It was designed with portability in mind. This is achieved through the heavy-duty front locking swivel wheels. To carry this sink, you need to follow specific steps.

Portable Sink

How to Carry a Portable Sink

The exciting thing about the portable camp sink is that it can be used almost anywhere. The sink’s mobility makes it an ideal solution to wash your hands, whether you work in the beauty salon, medical clinic, or anywhere. The following is a step by step procedure for carrying your sinks from one point to another.

Step one: Wipe down the sink before moving it

Before moving your portable sink from one point to another, it is essential to wipe down the sink to ensure it is clean. Wipe down the sink basin, faucet, and counter. When you are wiping down your sink, ensure that you use a soft cloth and non-abrasive product. Dry all the surfaces promptly. Avoid the use of bleach when cleaning your sink since it may damage the components.

Step two: Empty the wastewater tank and freshwater tank

Portable sinks are typically equipped with a waste tank. Open the waste tank and ensure you empty all the wastewater before moving the sink. Ensure it is clean after emptying it for another use. Close the wastewater tank after emptying and cleaning it. Going with a full waste tank can damage your sink and make your sink look dirt.

Also, it is essential to empty the fresh water tank. This will help you cut down the weight of your sink. The freshwater tank can be emptied and then refilled at the place of destination. Empty all the tanks for effective carrying.

Step three: Turn the sink off and leave the faucets open.

Before removing the attachments to move your portable sink, it is also necessary to turn the sink off and leave the faucets open. This will help maintain and relieve water pressure to help in maintaining the pump. Remove the debris from the strainer and wipe the cabinets.

Step four: de-assemble the relevant attachments

At this stage, make sure you remove all the relevant parts to make it easy for transportation. Disconnect all the parts that can be disconnect and arrange them for easy moving. Pack them in your vehicle and transport them to your desired place safely.

If you are moving your sink from one room to another, you can as well push it. This is because the majority of these sinks are made with wheels. So it will be easy to push them without disconnecting the attachments.

Step five: Unpack your portable sink.

After arriving at your desired destination, it is time to unpack your sink for another installation. Assembling or installing a portable sink at a place of destination is an easy job.

Any person can do it. Start by moving it into the desired set up location. Remove the sink from the packaging and prepare them for installation.

Step six: Fill the freshwater tank

As we indicated above, portable sinks are made with tanks to put water for use and another one to hold wastewater. Fill the fresh water tank with freshwater, maybe from the tab or any other available source.

Use any available standard electrical outlet to power your portable sink. Plugging your sink into a power supply will enable you to enjoy both cold and hot water.

Step seven: Connect the wastewater tank

After ensuring that the freshwater tank is connected and water is flowing, you can also connect the wastewater tank to collect the wastewater. All the wastewater from your portable sink will enter this tank.

Connecting and using this tank is not difficult; you will only ensure that the tanks are operating without leakage or spillage. You will also ensure that you refill and empty them when necessary.

Step eight: Ready for use

The portable tank has now been appropriately moved, appropriately installed, and ready for use. You can use it for the purpose intended without any difficulty.

5 tips for installing a portable sink

  1. Proper placement of your camp sink installation

The first tip is to ensure you keep in mind where you will place your camp sink. Locate the opening and ensure it is well-positioned for effective use.

It should be positioned well so that it falls at the center of the countertop and cabinet. Every individual using the portable sink should also access it easily.

  1. Install the faucets first

It is necessary to install things like the faucets, knobs and any other accessories first before installing other things. This will help you save time, and you will be able to reduce a lot of workloads. It will make you understand what you are doing before the sink gets installed.

  1. Proper handling of your camp sink

Proper care and maintenance will enable your sink to serve you for a long period. Always handle your sink well when you are installing it. Make sure all the attachments are well handled and placed. Handle your sink well to avoid any damage while installing.

  1. Always have a sealant in place.

A sealant will help you seal all those sections that are known to get water leakage easily. Always apply it on the lip of the sink. Make sure you come with a sealant when installing your camp sink.

  1. Place the c-clamps the moment the sink is positioned.

Another thing to remember is to place a few c-clamps after positioning the sink on the countertop. The clamps will help in holding the sink into its position even after the sealant dries off. It will also prevent movements of the sink from its position.


Portable sinks are essential items in our lives, as we have indicated above. If you have an outdoor activity, conduct a medical program, and own a mobile food selling business. If you get involved in other places that require people to wash their hands or dishes, this sink will be of great importance. The above guide will help you understand how to carry your portable sink from one place to another.

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