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Carry On Luggage – Fun, Colorful and Spacious

Carry-on luggage, these days, is crucial with the huge restrictions planes have on overall bags allowance. So finding one that fits the requirements yet is fun and has enough room for lots of stuff can be challenging to find.

I’ve been eyeing out Heys Usa Luggage for quite sometime. They have tons of different lines to chose from so finding one just for my style was really fun!

I went with the Britto Collection. Why you ask, well just look at it!

heys usa luggage carry on review

It’s sooo me: colorful, a bit chaotic, and just plain loud. If Luggage can talk, it’s say Marina K. Villatoro.

Fun features:

  • Rolls with 4 wheels
  • Original art work by Romero Britto 
  • 2 large compartments
heys usa luggage carry on review
  • Hard-sided
  • Three digit TSA lock

My Take On It:

With the crazy airlines and staff, I wanted to make sure I get a durable bag. Sometimes, when you’re about to board the plane, especially with a full plane, they give you a chance to check in a carry-on right as you’re boarding. I love to do this one less headache on a plane when I’m traveling with my kids. But with this comes the knowledge that it will be thrown around and put through stuff I don’t want to know about.

Two compartments – bring it on! The more the better. This way they are fully organized and with the flap in the middle and belt straps. I can open it up without having all my stuff fall out all over the place.

The design – need I say more???

The lock. It’s great to be able to lock it up. Living in Central America, for some reason the custom agents think they can open any of my bags whenever they want. With a lock they don’t!

heys usa luggage carry on review

Where To Find Heys USA:

Everywhere. Well, everywhere that luggage is sold and online. I got mine via internet, since shopping with a toddler isn’t fun for me at all.

Bottom Line

Luggage is essential for traveling so it’s really important that you enjoy the design and don’t stress about what will happen if a disgruntled airport employee gets their hands on it.  Plus, I’m so into the four-wheels these days, that all the others can’t compare!

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