Carhartt Backpack Review: Carry Everything (And Much Much More)

My son is always complaining that his backpacks are too small and rip all the time. And I must agree. Now that he’s older, his baby backpack I bought him when he was six just isn’t cutting it anymore.

So the hunt was on. It’s not easy pleasing a ten-year-old. There are so many factors involved:

Design and Color – this is first and foremost. It must be ‘manly’ since my ten-year-old is coming of age (so he thinks) and anything remotely pastel-ly colors are a huge no-no.

Size – it needs to be big enough to take on one of his many camping trips, which have become a new fad for him. And interestingly enough, tons of camping trips keep on coming his way.

Durability – this is more for me than him. I’m sick of fixing his backpacks either the holes that are constantly happening or defunct zippers.

Kid using a brown Carhartt Backpack

Why a Carhartt Backpack

Somehow I found Carhartt. I’m not big on website design. Meaning, this never influences my buying option. But WOW. This site is amazing. Plus, just from the initial look of it, what they stand for, covered the three points I was looking for in a day pack.

This company, which was ironically created in 1855 as a furnishing business, has now successfully transformed to have amazing stuff for active workers and also sells stuff for women and kids.

We decided on the Legacy Standard Work Pack. The description says it’s lightweight, waterproof and a durable backpack that also has a secure space that can fit a laptop. Or my son’s tablet.

Ok, so maybe the first major time we used the bag wasn’t exactly for a cool, camping trip but rather for my boy’s birthday party at school. And the bag was able to have everything in it. And I mean everything minus the piñata.

Carhartt Backpack review

Since then it has been put to the test by both my sons. Throwing it around and pulling on it is just some of the experimenting that was done.

kid using a Carhartt Backpack good for every age

Information for Carhartt

You must check out their site, it’s a great design and they have tons of amazing products. Plus, I found that some good discounts.

However, to get more cool discounts and offers LIKE their Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Carry Everything You In a Day Pack – Carhartt Backpack Review

Last Updated on June 25, 2023

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