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Car Rental vs. Riding the Eurorail When Visiting Germany

Germany is a gorgeous country with a long, turbulent history. Now that it is in peaceful times, the country attracts tons of travelers that seek to learn more about it. There are many sites that are interesting to visit scattered all over Germany. That is why, whenever I can, I advise people to go for a car rental service.Five reasons that make German car rental better than riding the Eurorail. Learn why it’s a better option. Car Rental vs. Riding the Eurorail.

Whenever I say this, people tend to ask: well what about the Eurorail? I know that a lot of people love the Eurorail but cars are much better for me.

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Car Rental

5 Reasons that Make Car Rental Better than Riding the Eurorail

1. No Schedules: I just love the freedom of being able to go wherever I want whenever I want. We can choose to stop, rest and have food along the way. No set schedules also mean that we have the chance to explore the town’s internally, not just a quick pass by. Who knows, there might be a hidden treasure.

2. Privacy: Being alone or with your family in a car allows you to listen to music you like, to stretch, and it is simply more comfortable. Plus, you don’t have to worry about bothering anyone and nobody will bother you.

3. Take as Much Luggage as you need: This can be a pain when you travel by train. Most of the time you are forced to pack light and I don’t like that! I like to be able to travel with whatever I think I will need. This is especially important when traveling with kids.

4. Road Trip: It not only allows you to see the scenery but to actually stop to enjoy it as well. Renting a car is also a fun opportunity to embark on a road trip adventure in strange lands. Those are always fun!

5. Price: When it comes to families it is way better to hire a car than travel in the Eurorail. You can save a lot of money, because you pay for the car of your choice and not a pass for each family member.

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Tell me: have you traveled to Germany? In my opinion, it is a great country to drive through. What do you think? Are you like me and prefer renting a car? Don’t be shy, tell me about your experiences. Leave them in the comments.

* This post was done in partnership with Enterprise Rent-a-Car but all opinions are my own

3 thoughts on “Car Rental vs. Riding the Eurorail When Visiting Germany

  1. Good post of tips.

    I agree, and these tips apply to Italy, France, Spain, and much of Europe where the roads are good and even the sideroads lead to beautiful medieval villages and towns. It is the only way we travel as a family or even with 1 or more.

    As a younger backpacker, the Eurail pass was cheap, hostels were great places to meet other young people from around the world as well as locals, but as I have aged, the desire for Slow Travel and travel off-the-beaten-path makes renting or leasing a car absolutely necessary.

    Now, renting an apartment or house in the off-season, using it as a base, and renting a car allows us to go places where people seldom even meet Americans, and we are treated with great hospitality (It always helps to try to speak some of the language, as even more if one is fluent).

    To be fair, given the US$/Euro conversion rate, the cost of gas, it is not always cheapest (though some can be made up for by shopping for markets and cooking food in a rental off-season), but is far and away the most relaxing and satisfying.

    Thank you

    1. I traveled Europe by rail and stayed in Hostels when I was younger too. So much fun!!! BUt not that I’m older, I’m sure I would the car and rail where I can.

  2. Love these tips and all ring so very true… and if I add one, it gives you more freedom to make changes to a “planned” itinerary…

    stay adventurous, Craig

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