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Car Rental in Amsterdam: How to Avoid Traffic Jams

Traffic jams stress you a lot; it wastes your time that you could have spent in a more productive way – or you could have shared with your family. Worse, if you are on a trip in this part of Netherlands, you’ll get more frustrated because you will not be able to maximize your time. With a car rental in Amsterdam, you can make some tricks work for you.If you use for car rental in Amsterdam, you can make your journey to the capital of Netherlands stress-free as you have the freedom to plan your routes.

3 Tips For Safer Driving In A Rental Car

Car Rental in Amsterdam

Know when it is best to go out; car rental in Amsterdam lets you do this

Rush hours starts from 7:00am and ends at 9:00am in the morning. In the evening, the bottleneck happens from 5:30pm to 6:30pm. Because you are now well-aware of these peaks, you can easily make adjustments to your schedule. You’ll waste no time and enjoy your travel – without the crowd.

Download traffic and navigation app

GPS, a device offered as you hire car rental in Amsterdam, can help you avoid getting lost; but a traffic and navigation app can do more. This is very useful, especially if you are in a place that you are not familiar with. Commuters and tourists’ top choice – Waze. This app is community-based and is always updated by users themselves. It will inform you of the traffic jams, accidents, and road constructions along the way. More important, it offers you alternative and fastest routes to avoid getting stuck.

Don’t consider driving through the highways

Highways should get you to your destination faster because it’s meant to be a fast road. But if the traffic on the highways is all bottled up, consider making some detours. You’ll never know, you may even end up loving this idea because you’ll discover more about Amsterdam – its people, food, and places to shop.

If you use for car rental in Amsterdam, you can make your journey to the capital of Netherlands stress-free as you have the freedom to plan your routes. You can’t be lost either because road signs are visible. But here are some helpful tips that you need before you rent a car:

• Book car rental in Amsterdam online and ahead of time; it is easier if you have your car waiting for you in the airport than spending your first hour in the city traveling to the city center to look for car rental agencies and to make inquiries.

• Approach the car rental desk of the agency you hire. To do this, you will need to walk your way up to the Arrivals Hall and to several shops, restaurants, and cafes at the Schiphol Plaza. You’ll also pass the train station, where you will see people buying tickets. You’ll see “Car Rental” sign.

• Think about getting manual-transmission vehicle; you can save on rental cost and fuel. Talking about fuel, hire the one that uses diesel to get better mileage and again, to save on fuel.

• Let the rental agency know ahead of time where you want to go. Most Western European rentals have restrictions about driving in the Eastern countries.

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