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Cano Negro Adventure, Costa Rica

Cano Negro wildlife refuge is located on the northern region of Costa Rica, close to the Arenal National Park and near the border with Nicaragua. This refuge protects wetlands and a crazy amount of flora and fauna. I had heard about the incredible beauty of Cano Negro and was getting very curious about it.

This is how the adventure in Cano Negro went:

cano negro

When looking for fun activities in Costa Rica I saw an add about a tour in Cano Negro, in the Arenal area, so I ran to the office. When I got there the girl that I talked to told me that there were two variations of it: a boat tour and a canoe tour.

The main difference between them is that on the boat tour, you sit on a boat and relax as you float down the river and the guide makes sure you see everything. The canoe tour gives you the opportunity to paddle your way down the river at your own rhythm with a guide that will show you everything there is to see.

They both sounded great to me, that’s why I had hard time trying to decide which one to take. But after some thinking I finally decided to take the boat tour and I have to say that it couldn’t have been better. I loved it!

One of the things I loved the most was that not only you get the opportunity to see many different species of animals, but will also learn from the guides, who are very well trained, and from the looks on their faces, you can tell how much they enjoy sharing their knowledge with you. You wouldn’t believe the amount of birds and monkeys I saw during the boat ride.

For the tour you get all the equipment you might need but the best part is that kids and adults of all ages are welcome.

So if you visit the Arenal area in your Costa Rican trip, I highly recommend this unforgettable trip, especially if you are a wildlife lover or an enthusiast photographer.


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