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Cancun Travel 2021

2021 is proving to be a rebound year for travel to Cancun after the COVID-19 Pandemic had everything closed for over 9 months! People are eager to travel and they are choosing Cancun as one of their go to destinations

The government is working closely with Hotels and enforcing strict new rules and procedures in order to keep travelers safe and healthy! 

I have heard from several travelers that they are super impressed with safety and sanitation measures that are in place to keep guests and staff alike healthy and happy.  Hotels are not booking up to their max capacity in order to limit the chance of exposure to keep guests safe. 

One thing to keep in mind when traveling to Cancun is that you will need to get a COVID PCR test before you get on your flight. 

Most hotels will arrange this for you before your departure date. Some hotels will charge an extra fee, for some it is free.  Tests results will be emailed to you and you will need to present these results at the airport at checkin. 

What happens if you test positive? If you test positive you will be required to quarantine at your hotel for 10 days. Again some hotels will not charge you, some may have a special rate for these extenuating circumstances. 

I highly recommend that you check with the hotel first about their policies before making the reservation so that there are no surprises if you happen to get a positive test result. 

There is absolutely no reason for you to be afraid to travel to Cancun Mexico in the very near future! 

Right now Cancún is receiving over 150 international flights everyday and you should be on the next one! 

There are so many family fun activities to enjoy in Cancun! There are several “Eco-Adventure” parks like Xcaret, Xplor, Xelha and much more!  Zip lines, atv’s and cenotes are a few activities you can find to enjoy at these parks! 

Another hidden gem of the Yucatán Peninsula and a must see are Cenotes. Cenotes are open holes in the jungle that fresh ground water flows through from years of limestone deterioration. 

The Mayans used these “Cenotes” for ancient rituals, ceremonies and even human sacrifices. There are over 1,000 cenotes spanned across 100 miles that are open to the public. 

Also, you can enjoy the beautiful waters of the Caribbean in many different ways like snorkeling, glass bottom boats, fishing, scuba diving, sailing and more! 

There is so much beauty and ocean life to see and experience in Cancun and and the surrounding areas such as Isla Mujeres, Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen and Tulum. 

Fishing is an amazing experience in Cancun. You can can charter a fishing boat for you and your family and catch several different species such as Sail fish, Marlin, Amberjack, Grouper and Snapper! 

So, don’t hesitate to come to Cancun Mexico for your next vacation! Experience the beauty of what the Riviera Maya has to offer!

The author of this article is Texan Native and Cancún Expat,  Captain Travis Simmons, he is the owner operator of a fishing charter and tour operator service Cancun fishing charters. Click the link and see what I have to offer!

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