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Cancun International Airport: What You Need to Know Before Going There


Cancun International Airport: What You Need to Know Before Going There

people at cancun international airport

When you arrive at the international airport in Cancun, surprisingly it’s quite large, and you know it is a big international destination. If you do not have a shuttle or a private car service picking you up or if you’re not renting a car, we ended up coming just to take a taxi to take us to the hotel. But there’s more to it, that’s why I wanted to write about the things you should know before going to Cancun International Airport.

Things to Know Before Going to Cancun International Airport

Here are a couple of things you need to learn.

Timeshares Sellers

We went to the airport information center, the tourist center, and they directed us to one of these agents the agent was helpful here or there but all of a sudden they’re like “oh we have this spectacular deal for a rental for you for the four days that you’re going to be here, all you have to do is pay $40.” 

My husband and I are like “come on”, and they’re like $40 and that includes insurance, unlimited gas, blah blah blah. We’re like something is up, something is up and after 15 minutes of talking to us then she finally said, Oh but the only thing you will have to do is you will have to visit one of the hotels. It’s a 90-minute demonstration so that you could buy a timeshare or if you’re going to be visiting next time if you’re here for a certain amount of time. Yes, maybe it’s 90 minutes of the actual presentation, but normally you’re not staying right next to the hotel, or the place that is giving you this demonstration. 

So you’re taking at least half a day of your super valuable time to spend with them. Do you want to do that for this deal? You can make that decision there. So we decided no.

view of an airplane through cancun airport window

Taxis at Cancun International Airport

Literally, 20 ft. later that’s where all the taxis, the airport taxis which are completely legitimate, very safe, and regulated are all located. 

There were quite a few, and by the looks of the way, it works if they go in order. This way they don’t all hound you all at once, which is a big deal. It looks like the first one goes, then the next customer goes to the next one. So they each get a turn, and you feel like you’re not being taken advantage of, and again it looks like their prices are regulated. Nobody was taking full advantage of us, and they could arrange and give you a good discount if you do a round trip with them.


For instance, dropping you off and then picking you up at the airport is quite small. So everything is super easy to find. Even though there are several terminals and each terminal is really easy to follow and go through. Immigration is really easy and flowing. If you guys have any questions about traveling to Cancun please let me know I’d love to share any more feedback.

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