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Can You Travel with CBD Oil? 9 Facts You Need to Know

Cannabis products are spreading in popularity across the country as the use of marijuana is finding swift legalization. CBD oil is one of the most popular new products, with people going crazy for this new and wonderful substance. Nine tips that will allow you to learn everything you need to know Travel with CBD Oil safely.In this post, you will find travel with CBD oil.You can learn more about it on

The fact that legalization has happened in every state, however, creates some tricky legal problems. There are many questions that those who enjoy CBD oil face and might not have the answer to. For example, is it safe to take on a plane? Can you travel with CBD oil?

Read on, and we’ll walk you through everything that you need to know.

Travel with CBD Oil

9 Facts for those looking to Travel with CBD Oil

1. TSA Has Changed Their Cannabis Policy

Despite legalization over a majority of states, the use of cannabis and marijuana is still prohibited in much of the country. This case is only complicated more by the popularity of CBD oil, which is made from cannabis but has less psychedelic effect than traditional marijuana.

Many people even rely on CBD to get through the day. CBD oil can help to relieve pain and decrease anxiety– so you can’t blame people for wanting to take it with them when they travel. But will you get in trouble if caught with it in your bag?

Luckily, the answer is no. Just recently, the TSA changed its policy when it comes to CBD oil. Previously, it was prohibited to fly with CBD oil products. But now travelers are allowed to bring hemp-derived CBD oil and any approved medical marijuana on a flight.

This is a huge change and the first time that individuals have been granted permission to fly with cannabis-related products around the United States. Now, when you find the best products out there, you can actually take them on your travels with you.

2. Flying With THC Is Still Illegal

While the change in policy from the TSA is a big deal, it doesn’t change everything. The wording of the TSA policy is very specific. If you fly with a CBD oil that does contain THC (there are many that do and many that don’t!) then you might still find yourself in trouble with the authorities.

TSA has gone out of their way to explain that while they do actively search for marijuana products, they are required by law to notify federal authorities if they do stumble upon something.

Even if you are caught and handed over to the authorities, your punishment might be dependent on the state in which you’re leaving and heading to. If you are leaving and heading to states with legalization in place, you’re likely to get much more lax treatment than if you’re headed to Alabama, for example.

Can You Travel With CBD Oil?

The uneven legalization of cannabis around the country has created confusing legal situations for marijuana lovers. Can you travel with CBD oil? The answer isn’t cut and dry, but the above information should help you decide what to do.

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