Can You Take Kratom on a Plane?

There are many things you need to watch out for when considering flying with kratom. This holistic herb is legal in some regions but banned in others, making it tricky to travel with.

Mitragyna speciosa comes with numerous purported health benefits. Choose from red, green, and white variants in powder or capsule form. The most popular choice for fighting fatigue is

Is it safe and legal to take this herb on a plane? Continue reading to find out the scope of flying with kratom in 2023.

Kratom Legality in the US

It’s important to know kratom’s legal status throughout the US before embarking on a domestic trip with it.

There are currently no federal bans on kratom, which makes the herb legal for purchase and consumption. Although the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) attempted to prohibit its use nationwide, its efforts were futile due to public support for the plant.

This situation leaves each state to make its own decisions about the legality of kratom. As a result, some regions restrict its use.

Here are the states where kratom is banned:

  • Vermont
  • Wisconsin
  • Rhode Island
  • Alabama
  • Indiana
  • Arkansas

        The following jurisdictions also prohibit its use:

        • Northern Mississippi
        • Oceanside, California
        • Franklin County, New Hampshire
        • Monument, Colorado
        • San Diego, California
        • Jerseyville, Illinois
        • Alton, Illinois
        • Parker, Colorado
        • Sarasota County, Florida
        • Union County, Mississippi

        It’s worth noting that Transport Security Administration (TSA) officials and other personnel are working to keep the environment safe for you. It’s best not to bring kratom if you intend to travel to any of the restricted states or counties.

        Is Kratom Allowed on Planes?

        Can you take kratom on a plane? Yes, but it’s advisable to check the legality of kratom in your destination.

        You may face legal consequences or penalties if you travel to a state or area where the product is banned. Do thorough research on the herb’s legal status and check with your lawyer to make an informed decision before flying with it.

        Since Mitragyna speciosa is still a new product in the US, TSA officials and other airport workers might not be familiar with it.

        If they can’t identify the herb, they may detain you. If officers determine it’s not an illicit substance, you can fly with kratom.

        Can You Take Kratom on a Trip Abroad?

        Taking kratom on an airplane abroad can be difficult because the plant is known for its worldwide legal issues. Combined with other things you need to know before you travel, it’s important to find out the countries where kratom is banned. They include:

        • Latvia
        • Romania
        • Lithuania
        • Sweden
        • Russia
        • Israel
        • Laos
        • Ireland
        • Jordan
        • Thailand
        • South Korea
        • Germany
        • United Kingdom
        • Poland
        • Vietnam
        • Singapore
        • Turkey
        • Philippines
        • Myanmar
        • United Arab Emirates
        • Brunei
        • Cambodia
        • Denmark
        • Italy
        • Australia
        • Saudi Arabia
        • Finland
        • Colombia
        • Japan

        Laws change regularly, so get yourself up-to-date on the legality of kratom in your destination before hopping on a plane. Leave the botanical at home if you’re feeling negative about it to avoid an awkward situation.

        Tips for Taking Kratom on a Plane

        When taking kratom on a plane, there are a few tips to keep in mind:

        • Research the TSA guidelines on kratom, such as putting the products in a clear, plastic, sealed bag for inspection.
        • Pack your kratom in a secure and airtight container to ensure it isn’t damaged or spilled during the flight. Look here for more tips on how to store the herb.
        • If you’re flying with kratom, keep it in the original packaging that has all the information about it. This practice easily shows officials what the substance is.
        • Be aware of the regulations of the airline you’re flying with. Most have diverse policies regarding the transportation of kratom, so check the rules in advance. 
        • Get ready for questioning, as TSA officials might want to know your reason for traveling with the herb. Ensure you’re familiar with basic facts about the plant before you start your journey. Dress well while traveling and be confident in your answers.
        • It’s always a good idea to carry kratom in your checked luggage.

        Stay Updated 

        Can I fly with kratom? To experience a hassle-free journey, it’s best to consult your airline help desk and ask questions before putting the herb in your luggage.

        Pack your belongings carefully and put your kratom products where airport authorities can easily see them. Remember to use the original packaging and check your destination’s laws.

        Last Updated on February 28, 2023

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