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Can Sandpits And Beaches Be A Place Of Learning?

Whenever someone mentions sand and kids, most parents will sigh at the memories of sand-filled shoes, grain-riddled clothes and sand all over the floors. While most children have a great time making and building in a sandpit or a beach, this area doesn’t have to be just for play. It can be an area where children can learn basic concepts such as math, communication, organization and even a bit of household cleaning.What makes sandpits and beaches such a great learning experience for young kids.In this article, you will find information about sandpits.



So how can you turn the kids sandpit or a beach into a learning place?

1. Incorporate Black/Whiteboards

Hanging a blackboard or a whiteboard on a nearby wall or having a portable one near the sand encourages children to plan the things they make, write messages for each other or simply to be creative. Most often, they might even these boards for writing signs for their buildings (“The ___ Castle” or “Beware!”), which can be a great writing activity for younger kids.

2. Use A Cabinet Or Hooks For Clean Up sandpits

For a home sandpit, attach hooks to a nearby wall and start a routine where kids can hang their toys after playtime to introduce the concept of cleaning and organizing the things they use. Otherwise, you can get a rail-based cabinet or shelves (so sand will be filtered down to the floor) where kids will have to learn which compartment to store which sandpit toys.

3. Use Measuring Cups

At first, it sounds a little strange and seems like a misuse of measuring utensils but using measuring cups (not glass ones, obviously) with sand can help children learn how to measure. They can learn how to read lines, measurements and numbers with sand as an indicator of levels. This can be a handy skill when they start learning how to bake and cook with adults at home or at school.


4. Use Shapers/Moulds

Similarly to measuring cups, you can use wet sand and moulds of different shapes (even the more difficult ones with several sides) so kids can get a head start learning basic and complex shapes. It is very effective this way as they learn by actually touching and seeing the shape up close as a 3D item.

5. Place A Handheld Vacuum/Blowdryer Nearby

Another way to start introducing the concept of cleaning up at home and getting kids into routine is to have a handheld vacuum ready for them to use after play. Once they step out, they can start cleaning their shoes and clothes (as best they can) and offer a reward for the action. During travel, a great alternative would be to use a detachable hair dryer to blow away sand outside, if available. No more sand on the floor (hopefully)!

Almost any type of play can be turned into a learning experience if you encourage positive routines. The key is to keep it fun, make time to incorporate new ideas and offer rewards to your kids in return for effort. They’ll get there!

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