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Can you Play Online Slots Anonymously?

Yes, you can play online slots without revealing your identity. Many gambling freaks like you want to enjoy slot games without sharing their identity. They are quite nervous about publishing it. In such cases, they can go for the anonymous mode on the casino website. For safety concerns, these people don’t reveal much about themselves.

Though the gambling game is legit in some parts of the world, some people question its legality. In that case, also, these people can go for the anonymous mode to hide their identity due to security purposes. Online slots are extremely popular in most of casinos in Thailand where they called สล็อตออนไลน์.

Calculating Online slot Probabilities

Is playing anonymous possible?

Putting it simply, the anonymous mode is possible in online casinos.  But playing anonymously is not entirely possible with legit casinos as they ask about some identity proof. When signing in at any legit casino, you are asked to fill the form of identity as the security. To reject or accept your transaction is all in the hands of the casino itself. You can check out the best online casino deals.

Playing anonymous in a casino is possible with sharing some small proofs but that also to some extent. Unknown play is not worthy of extended play at online slots.  However, there are some measures by which you can play anonymous up to some extent.

Let’s look over those measures for being anonymous in an online slot game casino.

  1. Use a VPN for online slots gaming.

Virtual private networks are the new favorite way for gamblers to avoid geographic restrictions.  With special gambling VPNs players can bypass governmental bans on casino websites. These VPNs allow players to connect to the Internet with security and safety without disclosing their current locations. All VPN servers are found anywhere in the world. They are easy to see through the web. Enable it while playing online slot games to avoid sharing of location.

  1. Make deposits at online casinos with some other relative or friend’s bank accounts.

Every gaming casino asks you to deposit money at the casino payment gateway.  This payment can be with debit cards or credit cards. To keep yourself anonymous, you can use some relative or friends’ bank accounts. The transactions are safe with online casinos’ advanced security gateways. By depositing money in the name of some other person, you can be free from the recognition.  Moreover, it impacts your credibility while applying for loans from the bank.  You can always deposit money anonymously at casino websites up to some extent.

  1. Make pre-paid deposits at casinos.

Pre-paid deposits are known as e-vouchers. These vouchers are getting famous among all gamblers for their anonymity.   The popular vouchers like Paysafecard and flexes are the two pre-paid cards widely accepted at many casinos worldwide.

These cards are purchased from any retailer outside for real money that doesn’t show any transactions the card history. The cards are not linked to any bank account; hence; it keeps you anonymous most of the time while playing slot games.


By using the above measures mentioned above, you can play all online slot games at casinos with anonymity. Also, you can play at Thai casinos that don’t store your personal data. These measures are very effective in keeping your identity hidden, and you can play with full enthusiasm.

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