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What Can Be Gained From A Luxury Balearic Yacht Charter?

In short, the answer to the title of this piece is. A truly memorable, relaxed, exciting, and fun experience that will linger long in the memory. But to leave it at that would be extremely remiss. It would also mean we have neglected to point out the joys of such an adventure! The pros that going on a luxury Balearic yacht charter has.

Luxury Balearic Yacht Charter

Let’s take a look at the options, activities, and places you can visit when taking a luxury yacht charter in the stunning Balearic Isles.

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Where are the Balearic’s?

The Balearic Islands consist of 4 principal islands: Mallorca (Majorca), Menorca (Minorca), Ibiza and Formentera. This archipelago is east of mainland Spain and is set in the glistening Mediterranean Sea.

What’s the appeal?

The Balearic Islands have long been a haven for tourists, indeed, many re-visit year upon year. It is easy to see why this region remains one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe.

Stylish beach resorts, thriving cities with an ambience of a very modern lifestyle, bustling fresh-food markets and open-air night markets offering a wide array of tempting bargains intermingle with lush countryside, hidden coves and secluded beaches.

Visitors can wander off the beaten path on walks offering spectacular views as they pass orchards laden with oranges, stop at quaint fishing villages to feast on freshly caught seafood while sampling locally produced wine, choose to be part of a busy beach resort with full amenities or stroll in search of a quiet stretch of beach.

Each of the islands has its own unique personality and this must be seen as part of the draw.

Opt for the quiet isle of Menorca with its prehistoric monuments of great interest, do the opposite by dancing the night away in the white isle of Ibiza. Go for isolation, peace, calm and quiet on Formentera, the smallest island in the chain, or go the opposite way and plump for Mallorca, the largest of these stunning islands.

It is home to the Balearic capital of Palma de Mallorca and offers a perfect mix of everything mentioned above and more.

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Add a luxury yacht charter into the mix:

Whichever island you choose to spend your holiday on you will never be far from an enticing seashore making a yacht charter in Mallorca an ideal holiday option. It goes without saying that a large part of the experience and reasons for visiting this beautiful region is to dip your toes in the azure Mediterranean Sea, but why simply leave it at the water’s edge?

Booking a luxury yacht charter will give so much more. Even better is the fact that this can be arranged as a single day charter or extended over as many days as you wish. The length of charter is entirely up to you.

What is included in a luxury yacht charter?

This will obviously depend upon what you are looking for and which boat charter company you use.

In order to make sure your luxury yacht charter fits exactly what you and your party are looking for here is a check-list of some important things to consider:

  • Type of yacht: This should be in the super-yacht class with associated fixtures, fittings and facilities. A decent size luxury yacht should be fully licensed for between 10-15 guests, but the company concerned should also offer the choice of an additional tender to accompany its yacht if your party exceeds the licensed passenger allowance.
  • Experienced captain and crew: You should be looking to get the most from your luxury yacht charter. This is regardless of whether you charter for the day or longer. Take a good look at the captain’s experience in terms of sailing this archipelago.
  • It follows that the more experience and local knowledge your captain has, the more rewarding your experience will be.
    This experience will ensure that you get the most from your time at sea. Brief stops at secluded beaches, visits to hidden coves, recommendations on places to stop for lunch, dinner or a drink should be a part of the captain’s duty. They will also advise on the best spots and times of day to bring the exclusive water-toys into play.
    The list goes on, but suffice to say a captain’s experience goes a long way to making an all-important difference.
  • On-board facilities: The onboard facilities can turn a fun, relaxing day into a truly memorable experience.
    Take time to check on such things as: What type of tender the boat has to get your party from the yacht to those hidden coves and deserted beaches? Ask whether catering and drinks facilities are available while cruising, look at the relaxation spots both above and below deck and what executive water-toys are available for those who are looking for adrenaline-fuelled fun.
    If you have decided to take an extended luxury yacht charter then check-out the sleeping facilities. You should be looking at luxuriously fitted cabins with air-conditioning and en-suite bathrooms. Once again, the list goes on, but you and your party know what is important to them, so check and inspect where necessary.
  • FlexibilityMany parties choosing a luxury yacht charter will be happy to go with the flow and follow a suggested route, but it is important to have flexibility. This will allow you to decide on exactly how you would like the charter to go. A professional yacht charter company will ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for.

If you would like to know more, please feel free to visit directly.

Opt for a day charter early into your holiday:

This may seem like an odd point to consider, but it is an extremely valid one.

Why? Because opting to take a luxury yacht charter for a day at the beginning of your holiday will prove to be such an exhilarating, enjoyable and thoroughly relaxing experience that the strong chance is you will wish to take another before your holiday is over!

When you consider the ‘cost per head’ of a truly special day out over the enjoyment and excitement gained, you will very quickly see that value for money is a reality.

An insider’s tip to finish with:

A final tip for those who venture to the Balearics towards the end of high-season or before it is in full swing. Keep an eye out for discounted luxury yacht-charter offers. These out of season charters can be found for around 20% of their normal cost.

One thing is for certain, going for this option will certainly not water down such a memorable day out!

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