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Flying Your Dog in Checked Baggage – Get the Details


Flying Your Dog in Checked Baggage – Get the Details

dogs as checked baggage

We have three different classes of dog sizes, but many travel-friendly dog breeds. It literally boils down to that. Unless your dog breed cannot be accepted into the cabin, some can be accepted under the baggage hold and some in cargo. You need to consult the airline or airlines to have different options before you know and also the country you are visiting because some places for instance don’t permit any Pitbulls while others do. Today we are going to be talking about flying with dogs in checked baggage.

When it comes to sizes, traveling internationally with your pet can be complicated, I did an entire episode about the cargo for extra-large dogs. If you have an extra large dog, you might have to go that route, so make sure to check that out.

💡 You can listen to the full Flying Your Dog in Cargo podcast here

Can Dogs Fly in Checked Baggage?

Yes, dogs can fly in checked baggage. It’s all about the size, depending on the airline, dogs that are about 15 to 19 pounds can fly as checked baggage. Obviously, you have to supply the crate. You have to be completely in charge of how you hand the dog over to them. But you do have to understand that the dog will be traveling on the same flight with you under the baggage.

Is it safe for dogs to fly in checked luggage?

Apparently, the conditions for dogs flying in checked baggage are really favorable. The temperatures are good, they are well taken care of, and they do as much as they can to take care of the dog, but again you really need to do your due diligence per airline.


The prices depend a lot on the airline, it can cost you anything from $200 and $300. It’s not super expensive, and you’ll always need all the paperwork done, I have an entire series about all the paperwork that needs to be done to take your pet dog internationally, so make sure to listen to each of those steps.

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