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Can Dogs Eat Oranges Every Day And Have A Healthier Life

As the saying goes, dogs are man’s best friends, in this selfish world of ours, the only best friend that will not betray us is our dogs. Now, you wouldn’t want to unknowingly betray your beloved dog by giving him a fruit that is actually bad for him/her. How your dog may react based on the foods that you incorporate in their meals for Dogs healthier life. It’s helpful if you make a meal plan. So, can dogs have oranges? In this post I’m discussing if it’s healthy for your dog to eat oranges!

Moreover, you can visit this site for more information on why we call dogs are called “man’s best friends”. It is a famous name or phrase that even the people in the 1980s and 90s recognize as a fact and not just an opinion for some.

We tend to share everything with our best friends including the meals that we eat, now you might have good intentions in giving your dogs seemingly delicious and nutritious food, it is important to remember that dogs have a number of food allergies.

a dog puppy smelling an orange

That is why you must know what fruits are actually good for your dog. You must be a responsible pet owner when you choose to raise a dog as a companion in your life. Do not treat them harshly. Give them a happy and good life ahead.

Oranges For Dogs

Many people can attest that just like an apple, giving your dog an orange a day keeps the veterinarian away. Oranges are considered a safe, tasty, and nutritious snack both for you and your dog. It is packed with Fiber and Vitamins. These are essential to maintain your dog’s skin, coat, nerve, and muscle health.

If your dog is not getting enough vitamin A you might notice their skin looking unhealthy and having trouble seeing at night. Pregnant dogs and puppies require vitamin A the most since puppies need Vitamin for proper growth and development.

However, please make sure to remove all the seeds and not give your dog the core of the apple as it contains cyanide. This URL: discussed the impact of cyanide on the body.

Benefits of Oranges for Dogs

Moreover, oranges are also proven to be a great source of Vitamins B6, C, and E. Vitamin B6 is great for dogs’ bladder, helps their bodies absorb Vitamin b12 which in turn boosts their immune system, and boosts antibodies formations. 

Be sure to remove the seeds of the oranges, as some dogs might chew or swallow them and become a choking hazard. The middle part also contains cyanide, which is very poisonous to dogs. 

Additionally, oranges are a great source of antioxidants. Antioxidants are essential for your dog’s health, especially in today’s setting, where our dogs are constantly exposed to everyday household toxins.

Depending on their diet they might not be receiving adequate amounts of antioxidants which are greatly beneficial for their overall health and prevent future health issues such as skin allergies, heart diseases, and eyesight problems such as the development of cataracts and blindness. 

three orange with faces piled one on top of the other

Now, one of the common questions of pet owners is: can dogs eat oranges every day? The answer is Yes! Oranges are rich in potassium fiber and vitamin C but remember to always peel the orange and take any seeds out.

This is done to prevent any choking hazards your dog might encounter when eating this delicious and nutritious treat. Vitamin C is an important antioxidant, it can also help your dog cope with stress and fight off sickness. 

Fiber on the other hand is good for a dog’s gut and digestion. It also works in your dog’s body just like humans who ingest food or meals that are packed with good gut bacteria. Hence, you are doing great in providing good meals for your pet. This must be a common trait by all pet owners all over the world.

Furthermore, it is important to emphasize that Fiber regulates bowel movement, and digestion and is generally good for a dog’s colon. It can aid in both cases of when your dog is suffering from diarrhea and in the reverse when your dog is constipated. 

Bananas are also rich in potassium, vitamins, and copper. Potassium is vital for your dog’s health and energy. Potassium aids in the electrolyte changes in the heart, muscles, and nerves, that is why dogs who are suffering from potassium deficiency are often tired all the time and have no desire to eat no matter how good the food is.

However, be careful of the high sugar that should be given sparingly and in little amounts as tasty treats. Some dogs are not fond of eating too many sweets because they got used to savory treats like chicken flavored or beef.

Give Them Oranges In Moderation

Just like us humans, dogs should always take everything in moderation, too much of anything is bad for dogs. The same goes for the vitamins, nutrients, and other minerals that are best friends intake, especially when you are introducing new foods such as fruits into your dog’s diet. Michael Ross, a writer for rested paws, has confirmed that you should not give them any grapes though, or tomatoes, those are two fruits that are not advisable however oranges are fine.

Give your dog a small amount of food first, then observes and be cautious if your dog exhibits any adverse reactions such as vomiting and diarrhea. If you are in doubt, you can always consult a professional to get advice on a suitable diet for your puppy.

Hence, you should always know how your dog may react based on the foods that you incorporate in their meals and diet. It is also helpful if you make a meal plan for them every week to try various fruits and veggies that can help their mind and body be healthier and more active.

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