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CampTarget – Intelligent Travel Planner

My family and I have been traveling with camper van for years. First we used to rent, then we bought a used one which served us well until couple of years ago, when we decided to make camper van, such that would be in accordance with our wishes and needs.


One problem was present throughout all of these years:

How to plan a trip and what would be the easiest method to plan one of these trips?

It was not a problem where we want to travel, what our final destination is. The problems or questions were:

Intelligent Travel Planner
  • What is happening during the trip and on the road to the final destination?
  • How much time, hours of effective driving do we need to get there?


  •  How many stops (overnight stays) will we have?
  • What awaits us at that stop, where do we think we will spend the night?


We used all known route planners like Google maps, ViaMichelin, Garmin and the like these attempts to find answers to these questions. We calculated the planned kilometers, tried to estimate the required driving time, but at the end it was all just an estimate, and very inaccurate and uncertain one.

Many campers will say that this is exactly representing the charm of campers, to travel without some accurate and definitive plans. I agree that it is also part of the camping world, but at the same time we belong to that group of campers who like to know what awaits them on the trip.

Seeking a solution to this “problem” of ours in a conversation with two friends of ours, we came up with the idea to solve it by making a platform, a tool that will allow us to plan our trip in a different way. After 3 years of intensive work and numerous versions of the tool, the platform was “born”: A tool that:

  • Allows us to manage the time we have set aside for a particular trip.
  • Manage the daily driving hours or kilometers we want to translate in one day.

Within a radius of 50 km of the points where the desired daily hours of effective driving or planned kilometers end, the platform offers us a choice of possible stopping destinations/interests (car camps, hotels, shops …..)

It allows us to browse each of these proposed destinations within a radius of 50 km, at a stopping point, with just one click, and if we like it, we simply integrate it into our route. And so from point to point, everything is automatically recalculated and we get 99% of the exact information we want.

In case we exceed the available time (days) the budget of our planned trip, it automatically warns us, and at the same time shows us for how many days we have exceeded the planned ‘time-budget’.

Intelligent Travel Planner


It allows all changes during planning, or even later, because all routes and travel plans can be saved and changes can be made to them again at the later stage.

The formed route can also be shared with friends.

In any case, a very useful platform and tool for even those who do not travel by camper. A tool that is practically usable in all options and a tool that covers the entire world.

The platform is constantly evolving, and those who subscribe to it, will be kept updated about all changes and improvements.

I recommend it to everyone, no matter what vehicle they use for travel.

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