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How to Have a Successful Experience Camping with Dogs

What better way to spend some quality time with the family away from the city noise and barrage of technology than to go family camping. Top ten camping tips for all of those adventurers who want to go camping with pets. In this post, you will learn all about camping with dogs.

Imagine sitting by the campfire and toasting marshmallows while your dog curls up at your feet after a big day of exploring.

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There are many ways to camp and depending on your situation you may choose a campground, RV park, or for the more adventurous, an isolated mountain or secluded beach.

Some camping areas will have a multitude of amenities and may even have playgrounds and swimming pools for the kids or off-leash areas and trails for long walks with your dog.

The more isolated camps will require you to take all of your camping supplies with you and allow you to just enjoy nature with your family.

Whatever style of camping that you decide, before you set off on your next camping adventure, there are a few things to consider to make camping with your dog successful.

How to Have a Successful Experience Camping with Dogs

1. Dog-friendly.

Before you go, find a dog-friendly camping area from some great online resources. It is best to book ahead so that you are assured of a place, and you know your dog will be accepted.

2. Food, water, and treats.

Bring enough food and water for the entire trip, plus more. There are many food ideas for camping and some of them can suit your dog. If you run short, you may not be able to buy more nearby.

3. ID tags

Check your dog’s ID tags are up-to-date and have alternate contact numbers in case your dog gets lost, and you are out of phone range. Your dog will be in an unfamiliar area and may wander away.

4. To leash or not to leash

Some camping areas will allow dogs off-leash, while others will not. In some National or State parks, there are requirements around the length of the leash. If there is no restriction, take a few meters of rope to give your dog a little more freedom to explore.

5. Find a Sleeping area when you’re camping with dogs

Consider where your dog is going to sleep. You can either crate your dog, tie them securely outside, or set up a bed inside the tent near the door. Keep a bowl of water accessible as your dog will be thirsty after a big day playing. If your dog is in the tent, keep the zips up high, as dogs are very clever at squeezing their noses through and escaping.

6. Know the rules!

Some camping areas will have rules around having your dog. By following the rules, you will ensure that the campground continues to allow well-behaved dogs.

7. Other Campers.

Be considerate and aware of other campers, their children, and dogs. Your dog will love playing with other dogs and children, but always assess the situation first. If your dog becomes agitated or tired, bring him back to camp to rest and have some quiet time.

8. Medical needs when you go camping with dogs

Prepare your dog with flea and tick treatment before going. Take your dog’s medication and vaccination records with you, as some places may ask that your dog be vaccinated.

9. Always pick up after your pet.

Take lots of doggy poo bags. No one liked stepping in dog poop, and this can become a reason that some campgrounds will ban dogs. If you are camping in the wild where toileting out in the open is acceptable, take your dog way off any tracks or where people may be walking.

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10. Daily health check when you are camping with dogs

At the end of each day when your dog is sleepy, check their coat and paws for any ticks, cuts, or thorns that may lodge between their pads.

If you are wanting to get away and spend some quality time in the great outdoors, consider a camping trip. Now there is no need to leave your dog at home or with friends.

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  1. So glad you added a reminder for people to be mindful of other people and clean up after their dogs, even if there are no big in your face signs. As much as I love dogs I hate stepping into dog poo.

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