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Tips For Camping in The Rain With Kids

Going out camping as a family is a great way to make communion with nature, as well as bond as a family. There are a lot fewer creature comforts available, which is part of the appeal, as it’s commonly seen as a much more genuine way to take a break for a short period of time. Everyone needs to be a bit more involved in their well-being than they have to be at home.

Part of this is properly dealing with the elements. Whether the rain comes on suddenly and without warning, or you have a bit of notice before it starts pouring, it’s essential to be prepared for this eventuality and pack the right thing for camping in the rain. Even if there are forecasts for rain every weekend in the summer, you don’t have to let it prevent you from being able to get out of the house and enjoy some quality time in nature with your children.

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Don't Let the Rain Stop You From Camping With Your Kids This Summer

Here’s how to stay on top of your game if the going gets a little wet:

Tips for Camping With Your Kids When it’s Raining

Carefully select your camping site

Where you decide to set up while in the woods will have a significant impact on how well you’ll be able to weather any given storm. The biggest concern is you should be sure to set up a tent on elevated ground. Also, be sure you aren’t excessively close to any body of water in case the water level rises.

It’s no fun to realize your tent has just turned into a waterbed, but the elevation is all you need to avoid that. In addition, avoid setting up a tent anywhere under a significant tree cover. Drops will fall from foliage long after the rain has stopped. This is perhaps the most crucial tip of all.

Bring the right gear

Waterproof materials are extremely common and not incredibly more expensive than their non-waterproof counterparts. A waterproof tent is an absolute necessity. Check out this selection at for some of the current options out there.

It’s essential to also invest in a dry sack to keep spare towels, blankets, as well as any electronics or materials that absolutely can’t get wet. With the right gear on hand, you’ll stay dry no matter how wet the surrounding area becomes.

Bring a few tarps to create an outdoor space

Being cooped up in a tent during the rain is hardly an attractive way to spend your time in the woods. Fashioning a simple rain shelter from a few tarps can give you some extra space to breathe. Simply string up a tent or two overhead and place another on the ground. From there, you’ll be able to eat, drink, and relax outside of the tent itself.


Just a little bit of forethought can ensure that you and your family maximize your time in the great outdoors, instead of consistently rescheduling that once-a-year family camping trip. Rain brings out many of the most appealing scents in nature, as well as some interesting wildlife that’s all much more noticeable in wet conditions, so rain doesn’t have to be seen as a negative thing. Dress warm, bring extra materials in case some get wet, and enjoy your time outside together!

What other tips for camping with your kids do you have?

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