Dorcy Camping Lantern Review

Now that my son goes to a new school with a lot of focus on outdoor activities, they have had family camping trips planned. Plus, all of a sudden, tons of camping opportunities are flowing into my son’s life. And he is thrilled.

But with camping, you need good camping equipment. Aside from a camping knife, and the obvious tent and sleeping bag, he needs a lantern. When I was younger, my family and I used to go camping, and the one thing I remember most vividly was a kerosene lantern. Gratefully, there are some amazing lamps now that run on batteries, so I don’t have to worry if he’ll burn his tent down.

That’s how I found 4 LED Lantern. It was perfect!

kid playing with dorcy camping lantern inside a tent

Dorcy Camping Lantern Review

Dorcy is a company that has become one of our favorites for years. Living in Central America, we lose electricity often and have learned that you require strong, reliable, and long-lasting flashlights, which is exactly Dorcy’s forte. So I immediately went to them before any other. And of course, they never disappoint.

The lantern weighs less than a pound. Easy latch to hang anywhere. Can last up to 70 hours of light with one set of batteries. Every time you put on a new set of 4AA batteries, the lantern can last up to 70 hours.

camping equipment

And of course, I had to buy their DieHard® 4AA Alkaline Batteries simply because I didn’t want to worry about anything happening with my kid’s trip. I was sure he would leave the lamp on for the entire time. And calculating the trip which was only for 48 hours, I knew I would be safe with these batteries.

die hard batteries dorcy

Last Updated on June 20, 2023

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