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10 Travel Board Games You Need to Bring on Your Next Camping Trip

Going on a camping trip is always an exciting adventure. You get to explore nature and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and just sit back and relax. That kind of serenity and calmness is essentially every once in a while, but in order to make sure that you have fun things to do in the middle of nowhere, it’s always a great idea to bring along your own set of fun tools. And what’s more fun can a person have with friends than spending the night surrounded by a bonfire and playing a board game? So, don’t forget to pack this for your camping trip! Buggaloop Game is always a good option but here are 5 more options!

To uplift your holiday experience, we’ve compiled a list of six board games that you can collectively participate in

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Board Games You Need to Bring on Your Next Camping Trip

Board games are the epitome of fun and a great way to escape from your daily worries and tiring schedules. Whether it’s a family event or an outdoor party, playing games elevates the fun factor of the gathering. What’s a better occasion to reveal your inner child than on a long trip with your friends? They’d surely not mind your ranting upon losing, and happily deal with your competitive spirit. Six of the most amazing board games to take with you when you go out in your upcoming trip. Take a look at this fun list of board games.

If you are considering spicing up your next trip with travel board games,  here are a few you need to keep in mind.  

Best Board Games for Camping


Being surrounded by nature is a great chance to put your thinking cap on and formulate some super cool words. The best thing about scrabble is that it’s a perfect mix of fun, competition, and improving your vocabulary as well as working on your problem-solving skills. To help you get ahead of the game and make sure you’re absolutely unbeatable, you can use this word solver as a trick to generate as many words as possible.

Not only will it be able to help you unscramble all the words that can be formulated using the tiles you have, but it will also allow you to figure out which words with the highest score you can play. This is a game that can go on for quite a while and is super-duper fun to play with multiple players.


If you’re looking for something that will get you all hyperactive without requiring that much thinking, then Twister is a great option. Not only is it suitable for multiple players, but its randomness and clumsiness also make it ideal for playing outdoors and guarantee a great deal of laughter.

It’s the type of laid-back game, All you need to do is have the board with you, and you’re good to go. It’s also a very thin layer that can easily be wrapped and added to your hiking backpack, making it easy to carry and perfect to tag along on your family camping trip.


If you’re looking for a game that will go on throughout the entire night, then look no further. Risk is the kind of game that could easily last a good 6-8 hours without anyone getting bored. With the board being a world map and the players trying to conquer the world, accomplish their task based on the mission card they received or even eliminate a fellow player, the game improves your tactics, strategy and contains a whole lot of secrecy and deal-making which makes it quite exciting and challenging. You can never really trust an opponent and so you always need to be cautious, which is why it can keep you occupied without getting bored for a long time.


It’s time to put your detective skills to good use and try and solve a murder. This board game is pretty exciting as you’re required to figure out not only who committed the murder, but also what the murder weapon was as well as where it was located. You end up suspecting everyone around you as you try to be the detective you always wanted to be and put two and two together. It’s a great way to spend your time with friends trying to figure out who is hiding the truth. And like everything else in life, the truth always reveals itself and the winner will be the first person to figure out who committed the crime.


This laid-back game is a favorite amongst old and young individuals alike. Dividing the group into two teams, each player takes turns drawing a card and trying to illustrate that word in the best way possible to their team. Thinking under pressure and before the time runs out makes the drawings hilarious and the guessing even more fun. It’s a game that makes everyone laugh, is exciting, fast-paced, and competitive. It is best played with friends who know each other pretty well to help draw the simplest of illustrations that only they will get in the shortest time possible.


Monopoly surely leads the list due to the incredible concept and engaging thrust of this board game. It teaches you a thing or two about business and handling finances in a fun manner along with the art of building strategies. The main goal is to get the maximum amount of money and become the wealthiest by gathering rent on the properties you’ve bought. You may need to set some ground rules in order to avoid arguments and fights. Unless your friends don’t mind some competitiveness, playing board game together can be one of your favorite memories. 

The Game of Life

You’d surely remember this board game if you had a happy childhood. Ideally played with family members, this lifestyle and culture game can be a humorous experience if played with your friends. With three-dimensional house structures, toll bridges, and personal cars to navigate along the “path of life,” your journey throughout the board takes you from graduating at a young to retiring age by becoming a millionaire in the end. The player who collects the maximum amount of money wins. Unlike the traditional dice rolling, this board game asks you to spin a wheel that’s perched in the center of the board to play your turn.


Even though it’s crowned as a children’s game, adults can also extract maximum entertainment by playing Ludo. Extremely simple to play and easy to carry, Ludo can be played with a maximum of four players. This board game consists of four houses of different colors—mainly red, blue, yellow, and green—with a cross-shaped pattern to be followed. The center comprises the home area that needs to be reached first in order to win. The turns are taken in a clockwise pattern by rolling the dice and moving it depending on the number of steps that show on the surface. Ludo comes in various sizes and designs, and you can choose a portable version to carry it easily on your trip.


Sequence has lately become extremely popular and can be found on almost every board game enthusiast’s shelf. It is a combination of bingo and poker that deals with forming sequences and unbreakable linear patterns using a set of cards that are given to each player. You can also find a smaller travel design of this board game, but the actual version is more fun. This is also a great game to build strategies, and it teaches the importance of making smart moves. Sequence can be played between two and twelve players. It’s certainly more enjoyable when more players are involved.

Code names

Requiring teamwork and cooperation between friends, Code names is slowly gaining the traction it deserves. It involves finding secret agents, acting as spymasters, avoiding the assassin, and protecting the bystanders by using a series of word clues and numbers. The game is played by splitting the players into two teams, and the team that reveals all the secret agents first, wins. Code names is a lively game that’s extremely easy to play and worth a few chuckles. 

Board Games You Need to Bring on Your Next Camping Trip


Carrying and playing one or more of these board games can make your week-long trip more awesome. If you’re tight on space, you can always come up with your own games or go for travel versions of these. Still, we definitely don’t mind carrying an extra backpack just to stuff these amazing games in it, as long as they promise a pleasant time with our friends.

Camping is an exciting adventure that everyone should take part in, but when the sun sets, there’s not much you can do, you have to turn to activities that keep you busy and entertained.  That’s why being surrounded by good company in the presence of a board game will always help you enjoy the night. I have made tons of review of board games, here’s my ocean labyrinth board game review, you should try it!

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