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Is Your New Camper Van Breaking Down? Here’s What You Can Do

Camper Van Mania is sweeping the globe. Road trips are an exciting getaway from our busy day-to-day lives, And with a camper van, you can both enjoy the unique experiences and ever-changing views of nature without giving up any of the modern conveniences that we are all accustomed to. What to do if you have your New Camper Van Breaking Down. Take a look at this article to learn all about Tips and Advice.

However, there is nothing more disastrous during a road trip than a broken down vehicle. As with every type of vehicle, there is always the potential risk of your camper van experiencing mechanical problems, even if it is brand new. 

New Camper Van Breaking Down

There are necessary steps you can take to ensure that your camper van is in good working condition before your journey. An emergency kit containing tools such as wrenches, jumper cables and a puncture repair kit and screwdrivers is always advised as flat tires or other minor issues can happen at any time. Other than tools, it is recommended that you stock on vital supplies such as a first aid kit, extra water and food before you embark on any journey 

This article will explain some of the necessary steps you can take if your new camper van suddenly breaks down while you are on route. 

Identify if Your Camper Van is a “Lemon”

Having your camper van breaking down is frustrating, especially when you are traveling a long distance to an unfamiliar place. If your camper van is considered new and you have been taking good care of it, you should consider hiring a lawyer because you might have purchased a “lemon” vehicle.

A “lemon” vehicle is defined as a relatively new vehicle which has inherent manufacturing or design flaws which can affect its utility, safety and value. There are different legal regulations state to state but there are two primary remedies under the California Lemon Law which you may need to look into. The first remedy is that you can have the manufacturer replace or purchase a new vehicle for you. The second is that you can agree on a cash settlement with the manufacturer. On the other hand, you might have the seller to be required to disclose the vehicle was part of a lemon law buyback before you go into the business. An experienced law Lemon attorney will be able to advise you on the best course of action to take and give you the best attorney fees. 

Make Your Camper Van Visible

No matter what the cause of the breakdown, you need to stay calm, check that everyone is safe and analyze the situation carefully. Think about your camper van’s location and whether or not it is visible to oncoming traffic. Your priority should be finding a safe spot to pull over where you can assess the damage and wait for assistance if necessary. If you cannot move your camper van off the road, it is suggested that you do whatever you can to make your van visible to alert oncoming cars. Road flares, hazard lights and reflective triangles and cones can all help ensure you do not cause a serious problem.

Analyze Your Surroundings

It is vital to carefully observe your surrounding area for two reasons. The first reason is that you will need to give correct and detailed descriptions of your location to your tow service or breakdown company. When scanning your surroundings, pay attention to details such as the nearest crossroads, how well-lit the area is, the closest highway exit, and any mile markers or signposts. 

New Camper Van Breaking Down

The second reason is that you need to decide whether or not to stay in the van while waiting for help. By observing the surroundings, you can analyze possible threats and opportunities to get help. For instance, if your van is parked in a safe spot and you can call for help from your cell phone, stay inside your camper van with locked doors to wait for help. 

Carefully Assess Your Camper Van

It is often helpful to note down important information regarding your camper van before calling a mechanic or a tow service. For instance, investigate if there is anything unusual about your van such as abnormal noises, or strange smells or smoke. In order to correctly assess your van, you might need to get out of your vehicle. It is a must to make sure your van is in a safe spot and watch carefully for oncoming cars before getting out, especially when it is night time or in bad weather. 

One of the best ways to explore natural beauty and breathtaking sights is by taking a road trip. Road trips offer you the freedom to go and explore wherever you want, whenever you want. Owning a camper van gives you the availability of modern conveniences which provides stress-free long distance trips. With preparation and a strategic approach, mechanical problems on route can be easily handled. 

Remember, preparation is everything so it is important that you know what to do when your van runs into trouble.

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