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6 Cafés and Coffee Shops You Shouldn’t Miss in the Northern Marianas

The Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) is a great vacation spot for adventure, relaxation, discovering nature—and getting a good cup of Joe. The residents of Saipan, Tinian, and Rota take their coffee seriously, which is why café culture is very much alive in the islands. It remains a pastime among locals and tourists alike to sit back, partake in yummy food and drinks, and socialize with one another.If you are looking for recommendations on where to eat while in Northern Marianas.Look at this list of six of the top cafés and coffee shops.

Northern Marianas

If you appreciate a cup of java and want to enjoy one on your trip, look for the following coffee shops and cafés in CNMI. You’re sure to find the brew, the food, the ambience, and the company you’re looking for!

Top 6 Cafés and Coffee Shops in the Northern Marianas

Mango Six Café

Mango Six Café is part of a Korean chain that’s become popular in the Northern Marianas. The ambience is roomy, modern, and reminiscent of hip international coffee shops. Its vibe is great for families, students, or couples out on a simple breakfast or brunch date.

The eponymous mango fruit is the star of Mango Six Café’s smoothies and sweets. But visitors also come here for house specials like pretzels, hamburgers, chili fries, and waffles. They serve mouthwatering all-day breakfast plates, so you can get a heavy breakfast in to power you through the rest of the day. By way of coffee, patrons of Mango Six Café recommend their European blends.

Mango Six Café is also where you can go if you need a strong WiFi connection. Post a photo of your brew on social media in real-time!

Roberto’s Café and Restaurant

Roberto’s Café and Restaurant is named after the patriarch of the Filipino Pacala family. The establishment  serves international cuisine with strong Filipino influence. This appeals to their strong base of local CNMI diners, many of whom are of Filipino descent themselves.

This resto is most famous for their Sunday lunch buffet and their affordable rice and dish combos. But their menu has diversified to include Western foods, like hamburgers and pizza, as well as café staples like iced coffee. Go to Roberto’s to tuck into hearty Filipino food, and wash it down with some ice-cold java.

Summer Snow

If it isn’t evident from their restaurant name, Summer Snow specializes in bingsu, a popular Korean shaved ice dessert with toppings. But their savory offerings are quite good as well. Crowd favorites include the bulgogi burger, shrimp burger, and seafood spaghetti. These are best downed with a photo op-worthy pitcher of blue lemonade.

Café specials worth exploring in Summer Snow are the iced Americano and affogato, or ice cream splashed with a shot of coffee. It can get pretty hot outdoors in the Northern Marianas, so you’ll want to refresh yourself at Summer Snow.

Java Joe’s

For your next big breakfast run in Saipan, your go-to destination should be Java Joe’s. Their menu offerings are quite diverse, ranging from Portuguese sausage to tocino, a sweet cured breakfast meat from the Philippines. They also serve pancakes and various types of omelet, and you have the option of upgrading your breakfast carbs to garlic fried rice. Other unique dishes that you can find at Java Joe’s are soba with Spam and egg and samosas.

True to the café’s name, Java Joe’s drinks menu isn’t anything to snooze at, either. The coffee menu spans items like café latte, café breve, Americano, and various flavored mochas. Non-coffee drinkers can enjoy shakes with tapioca pearls or cold milk tea. For java or otherwise, Java Joe’s is worth paying a visit.

Latte Café

There are a lot of interesting offerings to be found at Latte Café. They’re another great place to go for cold desserts, like Taiwan snow ice. Flavors include matcha, melon, lychee yogurt, and sesame.

Coffee lovers will be spoilt for choice at Latte Café, because there are a lot of delectable coffee-based options. Try freshly roasted Marianas coffee or authentic Dutch coffee that’s slowly brewed over a period of six hours. Other crowd-pleasing coffee-based items are the iced caramel macchiato and the mocha frappe. For those who want something without coffee, must-try items at Latte Café are their green tea frappe and mango yogurt smoothie. This homey café, with friendly and accommodating staff, may be one of the most memorable places you visit in CNMI.

Twinkle Kids Land and Café

If you have kids with you, you can bring them to the whimsical Twinkle Kids Land and Café. Twinkle Kids has a well-equipped and spacious play area, complete with toys, costumes, and playground equipment. Alongside the play environment, Twinkle Kids offers café treats and an atmosphere that kids and adults alike can enjoy.

Dishes at Twinkle Kids Land and Café that families can share are pizza, chicken wings, and cake. For drinks to accompany the food, there are smoothies and milk tea. Make Twinkle Kids Land and Café part of your itinerary if you’ve got kids in tow.

Conclusion: Cafes and Coffee Shops for All Occasions

After a day at the beach, a long hike, or a shopping trip at a CNMI outlet store, nothing hits the spot better than coffee. Get an iced or hot drink, plus some food to go with it, at any of these popular Northern Mariana establishments!

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