Cafe Barista, Guatemala: A Coffee Shop You Must Visit


cafe barista guatemala coffee shop

Cafe Barista is the local version in Guatemala of Starbucks. They are only in Guatemala, they are a local business. The interesting part of why they even started was many years ago, almost 20 years ago. This is interesting because when I first arrived in Guatemala over 20 years ago, you would never be able to find good coffee. Guatemala is world-renowned for its coffee, yet back then, you couldn’t find any good coffee in Guatemala. Today we’re going to be talking about Cafe Barista in Guatemala.

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How Cafe Barista in Guatemala was born?

It was all like this Nestle crap. It was terrible. So what happened was that the coffee industry boomed in bad ways because the coffee from Ethiopia and from Colombia started to be super cheap and a lot of other countries were not able to compete with it.

The coffee exportation business really started to plummet and that really hurt the country of Guatemala. So what happened was some smart companies or smart people decided, wait, we have been exporting all our best coffee, how about we start to keep some of it in the country? That’s how Cafe Barista and several other cafes, but specifically Cafe Barista was born, nothing like that at all was in Guatemala. Literally, all the coffee places, and there are very few coffee shops at all. They were all offering you instant and Nestle. It was terrible.

So Cafe Barista said, you know what, let’s start giving our people the best there is. We can’t export it, so let’s do that. And that’s how Cafe Barista was born, by giving perfect quality Guatemalan coffee in the country.

coffe with milk cafe barista guatemala


And obviously, they started to add on a little bit of sweet stuff, and now you could actually get an actual meal there. They have different sandwiches, breakfast, salads, and other Guatemalan food as well. But that’s how it really began, from starting to give Guatemalans the best coffee they had right there at their fingertips.

But instead of exporting it, it was now in the coffee shops. And that’s how the coffee industry started to revive itself. And Cafe Barista is one of our favorite places to visit, a must-try Guatemalan drink.

They have a lot of cafes, pretty much everywhere you’re going to go. It’s not as popular as Starbucks, obviously, but it’s a great place to go.

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Nowadays, when you get to Guatemala, especially in Antigua, there are a ton of coffee shops all over the place, but still, they are the very first ones to do that. And Cafe Barista really do have delicious coffee, and they have everything that you possibly want. So go check it out. It’s a local business, you will definitely enjoy it. It’s a great atmosphere, usually located in really cool spots as well.

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Last Updated on September 30, 2023

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