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Cabin Fever – Choosing the Right Cabin for Your Cruise Holiday

One of the biggest decisions that you will need to make when planning your cruise holiday is to choose the right cabin on the ship. Today’s modern cruise lines offer a huge range of different types of cabins, from the luxury room with a view to the budget inside room. The right cabin for you will depend on your budget and your preferences.

In the past, ocean liners had “classes” which demarcated the level of luxury that the guests enjoyed. First class passengers were treated to all of the finest food and drink and stayed in lavishly appointed cabins with their own dining room, whereas those in Second Class (steerage) had a more austere, budget experience. These days, most cruise ships don’t have classes – everyone can enjoy all features of the ship no matter what price range of room they are staying in.

So what should you consider when you are choosing which cabin to stay in? Here are some of the factors that you should keep in mind:

Cruise Holiday
Choosing the Right Cabin for Your Cruise Holiday Can be Easy

What is Your Budget?
The first thing to consider before choosing a cruise ship cabin is your budget – how much can you realistically afford? You might think that going on a cruise is only for the rich, but these days cruising can actually be more affordable than you think! Make sure you look at last minute deals and special online offers on comparison websites and for deals on sites like Celebrity cruises from Australia.

Before you start looking for your cruise cabin, decide how much you can afford to spend on your holiday so that you know where to start looking. This will give you a general search image, so that you are not looking at cruises outside of your price range.

The Location of the Cabin
One of the major factors in choosing a cabin is location. First of all, the higher you are in the ship the more you will feel the side-wards rolling motion of the vessel. If you are sensitive to seasickness, this can possibly make your trip unpleasant – so choose a room that is lower and more stable. The feeling of the ship rocking back and forth (pitch) is more noticeable near to the bow or the stern. The best place for sea-sickness prone cruisers is in the mid-ship on the lowest deck possible.

Another consideration to make is what facilities are around the cabin that you are considering. Is it right beside the Disco, which will keep you up late at night? Are there lifeboats hanging down which obstruct the view from the window? Although obstructed view cabins are sometimes discounted, it’s up to you whether it’s worth not being able to look out your window.

Could an Inside Cabin Be Right For You?
If you are looking to cruise on a tight budget, you might want to consider booking an inside cabin. These cabins are located on the inside of the ship and they have no windows and are usually quite small. However, they are the cheapest rooms on the ship and they can save you a lot of money.

If you don’t mind the small dark room, this can be a great option for enjoying a cruise on a budget. After all, you won’t be spending most of your time in your room – you will be spending it enjoying all of the activities on deck! However, many people can’t handle the cramped and dark space and would rather spend the extra money for a room with a window.

Do You Need Your Own Outdoor Space?
Is it essential to have a balcony on your cabin – or can you spend your time in the public areas such as on the sun loungers around the pool? Some people feel like a private balcony is an essential in a cruise cabin, while others are happy with a standard cabin with no outdoor space. It’s up to you whether or not having this space will affect your enjoyment of the cruise enough to make it worth the extra price.

These are just a few of the important considerations that you will need to make when choosing your cruise ship cabin, so that you can find the right room for your holiday.

Ryan Posa caught the travel bug years ago while he was employed as District Sales Manager for Carnival Australia. He then went on to set up Cruise Republic. He enjoys visiting exotic, beautiful, and interesting places across the globe. Ryan also enjoys writing about his travels. You can follow Ryan’s Tweets here.

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