Why buying travel insurance should be the first step in planning your trip

Why buying travel insurance should be the first step in planning your trip
Learn all you need to know about travel insurance and why it should be the first step when planning your trip

Planning a trip can be a completely different experience, depending on who you are. While some people enjoy just adding a structure and then filling in the gaps as and when they are travelling, others like to plan every step of the way with a detailed itinerary. While there is nothing wrong with either method of doing things, travellers often need to look ahead and consider all potentialities when planning. 

However, no matter how hard someone tries, considering all the risks when travelling is often tricky. This is where travellers who just want to relax and travel without worrying about the various risks associated with travelling can opt for a risk management tool that secures their journey. This tool, called travel insurance, financially protects travellers from risks related to travelling. Here is all you need to know about it. 

What is travel insurance?

If one just looks online, there are numerous examples and definitions of travel insurance. While some are simple, others complex; however, it is often still confusing for someone with no prior experience. To simplify, travel insurance is a contract between an insurance provider (someone you buy the insurance policy from) and the policyholder (the one purchasing the policy). The insurer will provide compensation or reimbursement for expenses borne from covered risks. These covered risks can vary greatly depending on the specific policy opted for; however, they are both medical and non-medical. 

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Why is it important to buy travel insurance?

As a traveller, there might be several reasons why travel insurance is a suitable investment. Here are some of the critical reasons why travellers opt for insurance when travelling:

  • The first and the most critical aspect is that insurance acts as a safety net, providing financial protection when travelling. This is especially true for international travel insurance, which provides support and assistance during times of need when travelling outside India, where you might need to learn the language or how things work. 
  • Secondly, it allows travellers to secure their journey and protect themselves and their loved ones from covered risks. 
  • Thirdly, it allows travellers to visit certain countries, which mandates them to have travel insurance as a criterion for a visa. 
  • Fourthly, it enables students to avail quality education without parents worrying about every risk they might encounter. 

How to choose and buy travel insurance India?

Choosing the right travel insurance policy can be as simple as just picking one that fits your budget or as complicated as comparing every aspect of your trip and mapping it with the policy. For example, many travellers might enjoy participating in adventure sports such as jet-ski, paragliding or ziplining. These adventure sports are often highly risky and can lead to injury or death and are also not typically covered under travel insurance. This is where travellers can add adventure sports coverage to their policy as and when needed. 

Similarly, a student traveller can opt for travel insurance with specific student-related coverages. For example, student travellers can opt for pre-existing disease coverage, sponsorship protection, or study interruption benefits, which can be beneficial or necessary. Depending on the traveller’s needs, one can choose and buy any insurance policy that is right for them.

Why buying travel insurance should be the first step in planning your trip
Empowered with the right travel insurance, a traveller can freely explore the world without worrying about travel-related risks.

Here are some of the critical factors which can be utilised to choose and buy travel insurance India for your journey:

  1. Coverage options

Consider having medical and non-medical travel-related coverages to get comprehensive benefits from various risks.

  1. Exclusions

As mentioned earlier, participating in adventure sports and needing to request a claim can result in rejection. However, travellers who must participate in adventure sports can opt for add-on coverage. Unlike this, however, there are other exclusions, such as medical tourism or cosmetic surgeries, which are not covered, and one should make sure not to take part in these activities.

  1. Traveller’s needs 

Consider any particular coverages or requirements from the insurance policy. For example, travelling to the Schengen Area requires a traveller to have international travel insurance covering medical and non-medical risks up to €30,000. 

  1. Claim limit

Consider the claim limit or the total coverage a policy is eligible for. For example, some countries have more expensive treatment than India. In these cases, having a higher sum insured can provide better protection against these risks.

  1. Cost of the policy

Consider the premium cost of the policy, while India offers some of the most affordable travel insurance plans, travellers should always consider getting a reliable insurance plan over the cheapest one. While it might cost a bit more, it should still be in everyone’s budget.

  1. Reliability of the insurer

Consider the reliability and name of the insurer. In 2024, when there are so many insurers, choosing the right insurer can make all the difference in the feeling of security and protection.

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How can one buy travel insurance online?

In 2024, a traveller can secure their journey with an insurance policy from any of the dozens of leading travel insurance providers. Companies like Niva Bupa enable travellers to complete the entire purchase process in just a few minutes using just a few clicks once they have their documents and information ready. 

For example, once a traveller knows that they will be going to Thailand, has booked the flight tickets for the specific days, and is aware of what they might be doing there, it is quite simple to buy travel insurance online. 

So make sure to visit their website and follow the instructions given there to secure your journey and travel with confidence and peace of mind.

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As a traveller, exploring the world opens up new and exciting opportunities and expands our horizons. Empowered with the right travel insurance, a traveller can freely explore the world without worrying about travel-related risks. For example, missing a connecting flight, something as common as this, can lead to financial loss and disrupt the entire plan and journey.

When faced with this risk, one might often be left confused and worried; however, with travel insurance, one can smile at the face of these risks and stand tall with confidence and peace of mind. 

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Last Updated on May 21, 2024

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