How to Buy the Best Travel Kettle: A Buyer’s Guide

Nobody wants to spend their holidays trying to boil water in a saucepan in order to have a good cup of tea.  Let’s face it, most of us can’t even get out of bed in the morning without our daily dose of caffeine!  Rather than having to do this, it can be a good idea to purchase a travel kettle to take on holiday with you.  These are small and compact but do the job.  To help you find the best travel kettle for your needs, we’ve come up with a list of factors that you should consider.What you need to know while looking for the Best Travel Kettle for your adventures.Check this out to learn all about Best Travel Kettle.

Best Travel Kettle

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A full-size kettle weighs around 1.5kg, whereas a travel kettle can be as light as 0.5kg.  With baggage restrictions on airlines focusing on weight, you’ll want to find one that is as light as possible while still remaining fit for purpose. Plus, you’ll want to ensure it’s compact in design to make it easy to travel with. As an example of what to look for, this small kettle from VonShef weighs just 567g and can boil up to half a litre of water in one go.  It also comes with two travel mugs for added convenience which is great considering its price.  If you are going on a road-trip style holiday, buying a heavy kettle won’t be much of a problem, but for those needing to fly, light is best.


A common complaint with travel kettles is that they take a long time to boil.  Waiting around for water to boil can be really annoying, especially when you’re ready for your first cuppa of the day, or you have sightseeing to be getting on with.  When looking at the descriptions of kettles, take the time to check the boil time and decide whether you have the patience to wait.

Plugs and Voltage

If you need to use a kettle abroad, it’s wise to check to see whether you need to buy a travel plug.  In most cases you will have to do this.  Of more importance is the voltage.  The best travel kettles have dual voltage, making them adaptable to whichever country you’re traveling to.  If you’re planning on taking your kettle abroad, this is a must-have feature.

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Additional Features

Finally, some travel kettles come with additional features which can be really useful when traveling.  We discussed the VonShef kettle above which comes with two travel mugs, but you can also find kettles that come with spoons, tea, and coffee containers, and even travel bags.  If you are traveling to an area that is known for hard water, you may also want to focus on buying a travel kettle that comes with a limescale filter.  This feature is invaluable, and you’ll be glad you bought one with this addition.

There are lots of different travel kettles on the market, but it’s wise not to just jump in and buy the first one you find.  Keep the above advice in mind and ensure your kettle has the features that you need.  Additionally, make sure it is lightweight if you are traveling overseas.

Last Updated on May 15, 2023

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