Why Butora Acro is a Good Choice for Climbing Shoes

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The Butora Acro is a great climbing shoe that is mostly good for edging because of their stiffness.

I am rating each part of the climbing shoes from one to ten with details

The toe box 8/10

Burota Climbing Shoes Review

I think that this shoe is very stiff which I like but out of the box, it’s just way too stiff.

Right out of the box they are like a 5/10 after one week of use they become like an 8/10. These shoes have a ball at the tip, so they aren’t very pointy, which means that they aren’t very precise, which means two things.

1. They aren’t  very sensitive like the other shoes on the market

2. They last very long because the sole is so much thicker, their durability is 9/10.

The toe patch 9/10

Burota Climbing Shoes

The toe patch is probably the best part of this shoe, it’s so big and sticky I feel like I can put it on anything, and it will just stick there.

The reason it’s not 10/10 is that if it had a little more texture on it, it could probably stick more.

Even if it’s just like a little bit 3D logo it could make it better.

Closure system 9/10

Try on Burota Climbing Shoes

This is probably the best closure system I have ever used on climbing shoes, it literally feels like a glove

The only problem is that the strap seems too short, but maybe that’s just my shoe.

The heel 6/10

My foot has apparently a pretty flat heel

Burota Climbing Shoes Review

And the Acros has a very pointy heel

It took about a week for my heel to adjust to these shoes and still after one session my heels start hurting.

My heels now have a kind of big callus, but I have a friend who also has a pair of acros, and he says it’s one of his favorite heels.

If you have a flat heel like mine then I would probably not recommend this shoe. However, if already bought a pair of Acros I would recommend using them for at least a week to have them mold to your foot.

Style  9/10

Burota Acros Climbing Shoes

The shoe is very attractive in my opinion because it is black and white and it speaks simplicity. It reminds me of a spaceship very aerodynamic.


Overall, I am really enjoying using these climbing shoes and have taken them to both the gym and the rock.

I prefer using them at the rock, due to how it grips, but it’s been great at the gym as well.

Take a look at this link for more reviews and everything that has to do with indoor and rock climbing.

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Product Review - Why Butora Acro is a Good Choice for Climbing Shoes

Last Updated on September 27, 2023

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