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Business Travel – Top Corporate Meeting Destinations For 2019

Bringing a wide range of professionals together in one space is always a great affair.  Traveling for special corporate meetings and conventions is the fun part of being a professional, and there are plenty of excellent spots to drop anchor for a few days. Five of the most amazing places to visit if you are looking for a place for your corporate meeting.Here you will find ideas on Business travel

Planning the perfect occasion starts by choosing the perfect location.  Check out a brief summary of some of the top meeting destinations for 2019, and start planning your next business adventure today.  

Business Travel

Best Business Travel Destinations

Adelaide Hills, Australia

Adelaide Hills is home to one of the most capable convention centers around the world.  The Hahndorf Resort is the place to look for accommodations when you’re planning an extensive get-together.  

The resort has more than enough land to allow the relaxing experience of the Australian landscape.  It sits only 20 minutes outside of the city of Adelaide, and the convention center is located on location

New York, New York

New York City is a business mecca around the world.  There’s always business to be done in the Big Apple, and your next venture could be a part of it all.  The city has more than enough space to accommodate even the largest of gatherings.

The Javits center has more than 7 million square feet of usable space, and the building itself is used as a conservation effort.  The roof of the building is home to 26 different species of birds, a colony of honey bees, and bats.  Bruce Wayne would approve.

Toronto, Canada

Toronto sits in an area of Canada which provides easy access for Canadians and Americans.  The city is also the financial heart of the country, so you can assume they know a thing or two about business.  

The Metro Toronto Convention Center is the largest meeting space in the whole region of Canada, and there are more than 30,000 hotel rooms attached to the center.  You won’t run out of space for all of your friends and cohorts.

Singapore, Malaysia

Singapore is a hub for the world’s commerce and shipping, and the city is a financial dominator.  The coolest thing about Singapore is the airport, and that is not an attempt to deter you from this location.  The Singapore airport has two movie theaters, a swimming pool, food, and a garden filled with over 1,000 fluttering butterflies.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

You can mix a little pleasure with your business if you choose Rio De Janeiro as your next business meeting destination.  Rio’s nightlife hasn’t always had the best reputation, but responsible partying is okay, right? You will also have the chance to witness one of the world’s Seven Wonders by visiting the huge statue of Christ watching over the city’s horizon.  

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