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How To Achieve Success with You Instagram Business

In this article, we will talk about how you can use Instagram for your business. At first, we will talk about what Instagram is, how you can create an account on this social network platform and give you some tips. After that, it is time to determine what you want to accomplish with your Instagram account. After that, we will tell you how you can get your free Instagram followers, give you some general tips and show you how advertising and hashtags work on Instagram.How you can use Instagram for your business and will provide tips on how to improve.In this article, we will talk about Instagram Business.

Instagram is suitable for all kinds of companies

Especially if you have a younger target group in mind, you cannot ignore Instagram nowadays. In this article, we will give you some useful tips on how to make an Instagram business a success.

You can find a reliable Instagram growth service by reading about different ones that are offered.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a platform for inspiration. Users post photos and videos of everything that concerns them. Think of dinners with friends, a performance in the gym or a homemade cake.

Instagram is primarily a mobile platform. It currently has over a billion users worldwide. The company itself reports 200,000 business users. They post photos of their new clothing collections, tasty dishes or inspiring quotes for athletes. You can also draw more attention to your company because users can report that they are at your location.

Do you have a barber shop, flower shop or catering business? Then you get customers visiting every day, some of whom may be very active on Instagram. If they check in with a beautiful photo of your business or product, that’s an excellent way to receive word-of-mouth advertising. Make sure you are findable on the platform.

Create an Instagram account

Do you not have an Instagram account yet? This is how you create one (note: you can create several Instagram accounts, for example, private and business).

  • Download the app via the App Store, Google Play or the Windows Phone Store – depending on your device and preferences.
  • Once installed, open the app by clicking on the icon.
  • Tap Register: enter your e-mail address and tap Next. Note: You can also log in with your Facebook account, which can be practical if you want to advertise. We will learn more about advertising on Instagram.
  • If you register with your e-mail address, you must create a username and password

(Note: choose a business account for your company or brand). Enter as much profile information as you want and click Done.

You can create up to five accounts on Instagram. Switching between accounts is easy: tap the username at the top of the screen and select the account you want to change to.

Determine what you want to accomplish with Instagram in advance

  • Do you want to bring your corporate culture to the attention so that your brand gets a more precise profile (brand awareness)?
  • Do you want to put your customers in the spotlight? For example, if you have a web shop, it is nice when your customers show how happy they are with your service or product.
  • Do you want to use Instagram to generate leads with it?

Keep in mind that Instagram is an app for the mobile phone. Long texts are not on this platform. It mainly concerns the use of the right hashtags.

First, get followers and then determine your strategy

Take a good look at the platform first: follow some accounts and hashtags that deal with your own work. See how they do it. And then, by your experiences, determine your own strategy. Grow organically, you can try different tools and read about Social Boost here to have a good idea of what they offer.

Instagram Business

General tips for using Instagram

  • Use your company name/brand
  • Make sure that your company name or brand appears in Settings as the user name.
  • Make your profile public. After all, you want people to be able to follow you. Some users have a private account – if followers have a private account and tag you in a post, that message will not appear publicly on hashtag pages!
  • Add links to your profile. Add links to your profile so that people have the opportunity to go directly to your website when they view your profile.


Do not forget to add the site to the photos you post. In that case, the interaction is 72% higher, according to research. You also get Instagram followers in your area.

Take photos that invite a response

Note: these are good quality photos! Use an original approach. Ask yourself when placing a picture: would I want to have that photo on the wall? If the answer is yes, post it! If the answer is no, think again if you should post this to your account.

Do not forget to add filters, tags, links, and hashtags

Yes, Instagram works – just like Twitter – with hashtags. With one big difference: the number of words on Twitter is limited to 140 (including hashtags), with Instagram you can use just as many hashtags as you want. And that is also being done. A hashtag definitely guarantees 12% more interaction.

Last but not least: get more interaction with Call-to-action

For example: ask followers to mention your unique hashtag or specify a particular landing page.

How do hashtags work on Instagram?

  • Take a photo or video and choose a suitable filter; this is optional.
  • A screen will then appear in which you can add a short description and hashtags to the caption.
  • Post it. Have you already uploaded a photo and did you suddenly think of a suitable hashtag? You can edit the caption or just add the hashtag as a comment.

Advertise on Instagram

You can also advertise on Instagram. Advertising on Instagram works via Facebook (which Instagram took over in 2012). In other words: you can place your advertisement via your Facebook business page account.

Note: you have to link your Facebook business page to your Instagram business account. You can now also view statistics.

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