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Bureo Sunglasses Review

For years I’ve gone back and forth to buy a quality pair of sunglasses for myself. But with young kids all good things get trashed around as much as crappy ones, so I’ve learned to compromise some things. Finally, my youngest boy is six and my oldest is twelve and I decided to go for it. (FYI my 12 year is the one that uses my stuff way more than my younger – go figure!)

I considered going for the typical designer brand like RayBan, Gucci, Guess, etc… But simply wasn’t feeling it with any of them.

My favorite types of shops, online, are surf and skate shops. Even though I don’t do either, I love their style and usually they do quality work which is also environment-friendly.

That’s exactly how I stumbled upon Bureo Skateboards.

Bureo just came out with a collection of sunglasses made with 100% recycled fishing nets. How cool is this???

It is called Net Positiva. All of those nets come from fishermen in Chile. Each week they replace their plastic nets and lack the infrastructure to dispose of waste properly. So Bureo collects them.

  • This collection of sunglasses aims to bring awareness about ocean plastic pollution to the general public.
  • The glasses were designed in collaboration with Karun.
  • These are the world’s first glasses made from 100% traceable + recycled nylon nets.
  • The frames are designed and sourced in Chile, then made in Italy with Carl Zeiss polarized lenses.

So, I decided if I’m going to shell out three figures on quality glasses, I like to also know that I am helping in contributing to our environment and with these glasses I am directly doing that.

And they are worth every penny!

About Bureo Sunglasses and Skateboards

  • Bureo designs and manufactures a unique line of sustainable skateboards.
  • They are manufactured in Chile through the team’s initiative, ‘Net Positiva’.
  • This is Chile’s first ever fishnet collection & recycling program.
  • The name ‘Bureo’ comes from the language of the Mapuche, the native Chileans, and means ´the waves’.
  • The Bureo team is made up of three like-minded individuals focused on developing innovative products for the surf and skate industry while finding a way to make a difference in the ocean environment and initiating social change.

You can find Bureo on Twitter and Facebook.

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Last Updated on August 19, 2023

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