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Bulgaria Airport Transfers – what you need to know

Bulgaria Airport Transfers
Bulgaria Airport Transfers

In Bulgaria, you also get to experience crafts, costumes, music, cultures, and tradition from the past with this country’s culture, mainly influenced by Persia, Greek, Slavic, and Ottoman. Therefore, it is no surprise tourists see this nation as an ideal tourist destination and is served by five airports scattered throughout the country. This country’s capital is Sofia and is served by the Sofia Airport, which has a traffic of over 6 million passengers annually.

Airport Transfer in Bulgaria

Once you travel in Bulgaria, there are several airport transfers means at your disposal, including taxis, trains, trams, and buses. You can use these means of transport to head to your booked hotel anywhere in Bulgaria, including Sunny Beach, Burgas, or Sofia. However, buses are not available at night as they do not operate 24/7, meaning you will have to rely on the more expensive option that is the taxis.

One challenge that you should expect to face while in this city is the language barrier, and as a result, you should expect some difficulty communicating with the cab drivers. The best thing about airport transfer means in Bulgaria is that they accept different methods of payment. This means you can either opt to pay using your credit card, cash, or any other online payment method.

 Main Airports in Bulgaria

The main airport in Bulgaria is Sofia Airport, located in the city’s capital. While in this city, you can head over to enjoy its many superb bars and restaurants plus the 250 historical landmarks, among other exciting cultural activities. Nevertheless, there are other airports located along with Bulgaria’s coastal areas of Varna and Burgas. These regions have become a popular holiday destination due to several holiday resorts, including Golden Sands close to Varna and Sunny Beach nearby Burgas. You can also land in the fourth busiest airport in this country, Plovdiv Airport. This region is famous as a remarkable winter season holiday destination as it is close to the Borovets, Pamporovo and Bansko ski resorts.

Popular Tourist Destinations on Bulgaria Airport Transfers

When visiting Bulgaria, you have a broad range of great destinations to visit after you book an airport transfer means. Some of the regions that should be top on your list include Sozopol, Nesebar, Ria Monastery, Burgas, Veliko Tarnovo, Koprivshtitsa, and Bansko. You can book an airport transfer to Bulgaria’s hidden beauty, the Varna Region that has beaches and golden sands positioned uniquely in strings.

If you are a nature enthusiast, then deep inside the lush forests is Krushuna Falls. Here, you get to enjoy the sight of karst rock formations and is a superb place to relax as you enjoy nature’s tranquility.

Bulgaria Airports Hotel Transfer

Most of the hotels in Bulgaria are located far from the train station bus stop or airport. Therefore, you need to book an airport transfer means immediately after arriving in this Balkan nation. Because of this, you will need to book a private taxi to access the booked hotel, which may be far away in remote villages or a prime location within one of the cities. These private cabs usually pick you from the exit area and consequently take you to the booked hotel while guaranteeing your safety and comfort.

Some drivers use signboards to help you quickly identify them as it can sometimes be quite confusing immediately after arriving in a foreign country. In most cases, these polite and friendly cab drivers will offer to carry your luggage to the vehicle’s trunk, which is quite welcoming. You then get to choose whichever area of Bulgaria to go, and your journey will start immediately.


Reading through this well-curated article has provided you insights on airport transfer in Bulgaria. Knowing this, you are now better placed to visit this country and know how to get around and enjoy is captivating landmarks and interesting history.

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