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Budget Your Trip: Spend Wisely on Your Trip to Estonia

Ever dreamed of visiting a fairyland? Estonia is about as close as you’re going to get. Located on a picturesque northeastern coastline in Europe on the Baltic Sea, you’ll swear you stepped right into a classic fairy tale, complete with an elvish-like language and millions of acres of pristine forest. Best of all, it’s a low-cost travel destination, including accommodations and cuisine. So how do you go to such a beautiful place and get the most for your money? Well, here are seven tips to help you budget wisely while stepping into your childhood fantasy land.How to budget your Trip to Estonia that will help you spend wisely during your vacation.Here, you will find a full guide on Trip to Estonia.

Trip to Estonia

How to Budget Your Trip to Estonia

Take Advantage of The Free Activities

Due to the location of this splendid place, you’ll find a lot of nature to explore. Much of the area is under protection to preserve it, so there are almost no limits to curious adventurers. Hiking, kayaking, canoeing, and miles and miles of nearly untouched wilderness to feast the eyes upon. This means you could spend your entire vacation exploring to your heart’s content and still leave without seeing everything. There are also art galleries and museums, and even a free grill festival which lasts for two days in June.

Religious Sites, Buildings, and Stores

Any of these churches and cities are a must-visit for the religious or those interested in classic architecture. On Toompea Hill, you can visit the astounding Russian Orthodoz Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and indulge for free in the heavenly voices of the choir. Throughout Toompea, you can walk along the beautifully aligned streets, marveling at the buildings of the Estonian Parliament and the fantastical houses. 

The Toompea Castle, located within the heart of the city, can transport one straight back to the Dark Ages and the magic to be found there. You’ll also find a wide variety of shops nestled comfortably in between the homes. If you can’t be bothered to go in town for shopping, there is Kaup24 — an online E-commerce store that sells virtually everything. It’s just like Amazon!

Getting Around

Don’t worry too much about paying for expensive travel fare once you arrive. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover that there is a veritable myriad of ways to move about Estonia for next to nothing. In the larger cities such as Tallinn, you’ll discover a vast, efficient network of trams, trolleys, buses, and walkways that spread out across the region. 

A paper ticket will only cost about two U.S dollars, as well as the option of a re-loadable plastic card for convenience. The Tallinn card, for instance, provides unlimited access to public transportation and over 40 different attractions, all for around $34-$55 dollars. But considering what you get, that’s a paltry price.


Need a place to crash? Check out the local guesthouses and B&Bs, all starting at around $10. You’ll experience the rustic, peaceful local charm in safety and comfort. Or you can give camping a shot with campsites available for as little as $5 per night. Keep in mind, all given totals are in USD. 

There are even holiday houses, hostels, and guest apartments for short term leasing, never rising above $30 per night. And that’s just to name a few. Estonia is loaded with hospitality and you’re bound to find something you’ll love.


No vacation is complete without first enjoying some chow. But where to go if you’re on a budget? Well, believe it or not, foodies all around the world flock to Estonia for the unique fare you can’t find anywhere else. In Estonian food, you’ll find a mixed blend of Russian, German, and Scandinavian fare comprised into a wholly one-of-a-kind fare to please any taste buds. 

Several local restaurants fall under the category of “cheap eats” such as III Draakon, Kompressor, and Bogapott, which can all be found in Tallinn, each with its own distinctive flair. You’ll be almost obligated to give their handmade black break, sausage, and elk meat soup a try.

The Tallinn Zoo

Right across from the Rocca al Mare shopping center in the city of Tallinn, you won’t find a more varied and luscious zoo. Boasting over 400 species of animals, you’ll pay a little more than a few euros to enter and can spend the whole day gaping in awe, respect, and wonder at the marvelous creatures housed there. 

Getting there is easy with a simple bus hop from Toompea park, which again, can be accessed for just a couple of USD or a transport pass. Buses 6, 7, and 22 are all the ones that pass by the zoo.

Photo Op!

What better way to show off the intrigue of your trip to those back home than to take dozens of photographs? The city of Toompea is host to several breathtaking viewing platforms throughout the region, each with a jaw-dropping view of the entire city in all its glory. The platform on Patkuli Street is a particularly glamorous site, giving a sincere, panoramic view of the entire town in a single sweep.


A visit to Estonia is a once-in-a-lifetime excursion, full of exquisite beauty and peaceful wilderness. The trip to get there may be expensive, but the art of creating memories through such a wondrous trip never needs to be. Enjoy the best of the mystical country of Estonia without breaking what’s left of your wallet.

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