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Bucket List Travel Adventures

There are a huge number of destinations around the world that have time and time again been added to the bucket list of many adventurers hoping to gain a unique experience – from wildlife and nature visits, big city destinations, or closer to home getaways. There are plenty of incredible things to do to match any budget,,but which are most sought out bucket list travel adventures add to list?

Bucket List Travel Adventures

Seeing the Northern Lights in person – A few weeks ago, news came that a rare solar flare at a period of the year where the Northern Lights aren’t usually all that common would bring an uncommon event leading to hopefuls all around the world being in with a chance of seeing the Northern Lights at home. From all over Europe and the US, images came streaming in of those finding a clear enough night to view the lights from home, but there’s nothing quite like seeing them in person. There are only a select few locations around the world, and only at certain times of year too, so a lot of planning is required with no guarantee either – but certainly something to add to the bucket list. 

The bright light of Vegas and Macau – Many players have been introduced to games of chance in recent years through the growth in gaming with some of the biggest sites available at, but offline casinos have managed to remain just as popular particularly in the largest gambling hubs. For many hopefuls though, both Macau and Vegas stand-out amongst all of the others and for those who aren’t local, perhaps a once in a lifetime bucket list adventure. They can come with a hefty price tag, so a bit of preparation may be required, but can be something very unique. 

A step back in time with a visit to Cuba – Having long been a popular tourist destination, there are plenty of opportunities to visit Cuba now where they may not have been before, but there is something still distinctly unique about the country that may look to change now trade embargos have been lifted and relationships with other countries are repairing. Sandy beaches and beautiful architecture are only some of the big draws, but for those into cars, the huge number of classics that have been well kept and still drive around regularly feel like a step back in time.

There are many lists out there if inspiration is needed for a new bucket list, but there’s certainly plenty out there to see and try, and with travel opening up once more after a difficult two years, there may be no better time to check something off the bucket list.

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