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Bucket List: Things To See On Your First Trip to Iceland

Iceland is a magical country. And who wouldn’t want to enjoy a few days surrounded by enchanting landscapes? Dazzling landscapes, frozen surroundings, ice caves, enchanting natural wonders, and many more, make this country a true ice land. There is so much written about Iceland that it can get quite difficult to decide where exactly to go and Especially, First Trip to Iceland.

Literally, there are a lot of the best things to do in Iceland in a single trip. Like, it’s a country so beautiful and amazing that you can’t decide what to visit or what to do. You are going to get spoiled, undoubtedly. But first, let us introduce you to the activities that you can do there, where to eat, what to see and what is a must-visit destination. 

Natural Hot Pool

You might wonder what you can do in Iceland that’s free of charge? Well, almost free. You can check out the thermal pools where you can enjoy the churning mud, steaming volcanic vents, hot springs, or enjoy the landscapes. One of the advantages of living in a country with active geothermal life is the abundance of natural hot pools dotting the landscape. Hot spring tours can be perfect for a hangover, a little romantic getaway, or a family trip. You can either book a tour and follow the itineraries, or rent a car in Iceland and organize your trip as you go.

First Trip to Iceland

Snowmobiling and Snorkeling

Let’s not forget, Iceland is a Northern country and snow is its flagship. There are a lot of tours that offer amazing sightseeing routes like the Thingvellir National Park, the Gullfoss waterfall, Haukadalur Geothermal Valley, and many more. This is the famous Golden Circle tour that you can drive within a few hours. And a lot of visitors plan their trips so they can drive in the morning and participate in the activities during the day. 

The amazing activities include snowmobiling and snorkeling. Getting some excitement is allowed anytime! The Thingvellir National park is the place where you can see the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates emerging from the Earth. It’s also the home of Silfra Fissure where you can do the snorkeling activities. It’s one of the top 10 snorkeling places in the world. 

On the other hand, the Gullfoss Waterfall is a place included in the snowmobile tours which also includes the second-largest glacier, Langjokull. A glacier is a beautiful site to see, however, a snowmobile tour is even better!

The Northern Lights

We are certain that no person on Earth wouldn’t want to see the Northern Lights. This sightseeing is a must-see attraction in Iceland. And it’s the main tourist attraction, also known as Aurora Borealis. The natural display of colors happens in the wintertime only, where you can see dancing colors in green, gold, and purple. There’s a little draw, the incredible phenomenon can be seen in nearly perfect weather conditions. No cloud cover, no light pollution, and no flaring activity in the magnetosphere. When the Northern Lights appear, it’s not known how long they’ll stay up in the sky. But you can always take a tour since guides know the best and darkest points on where to see these lights. And they can provide tons of information to make the experience richer. 

First Trip to Iceland

Ice Caving And Glacier Hiking

Iceland is the country of frozen things. Frozen landscapes, ice caves, glaciers, snow, snow, snow. The country floats in sweeping icebergs, dazzling blue ice caves, and snowy surroundings. Iceland truly lives up to its name. The ultimate ice experience will bring you on a trip to the blue ice caves. However, these are accessible only in the winter months. Thankfully, the glaciers and other frozen attractions are accessible via glacier hikes. 

Take a Bath at Myvatn Nature Baths

Immerse yourself in the amazing Myvatn Nature baths. Icelandic citizens have been bathing in these baths for centuries. With temperatures of 40C, it’s great rolling in the creamy blue waters rich in minerals. Nearby the lake, there are a lot of geothermal thrills and duck colonies. And on the way to the baths, make sure you visit the underground bakery where you can taste loaves of rye dough bakes in geothermally-heated soil. The taste must be delicious!

Visit The Reynisfjara Beach

There is a tiny village of Vik on the south coast of Iceland, isolated with pretty buildings and a white church above the town. Behind this scenery, craggy cliffs contribute to the sweeping beauty of the town. However, the real gem is Reynisfjara, a beach of Goth-black sands. You can watch the waves crashing against the coal pebbles and climb the basalt columns. It’s a great experience overall.

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