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Bucket list: In the United States Los Angeles and San Diego

If you are a passionate traveler, the United States is one of those countries that you have to visit at some point in your life. Full of landscapes and climates of all kinds, the United States offers its visitors many experiences to enjoy and thousands of attractions such as the leading amusement parks in the world. Visit on your next vacation in the United States, here I’ll tell you what to do if you choose to visit Los Angeles and San Diego.

In case you visit Los Angeles with your family I have a blog with family-friendly things to do in Los Angeles, you can read it here.

visit Los Angeles and San Diego


If you are at that point, where you still haven’t decided which destination to visit on your next vacation in the United States, in this article I will tell you what to do if you choose to visit Los Angeles and San Diego, two of the main destinations in this incredible country.


Los Angeles


visit Los Angeles and San Diego


Indeed the first thing you think of when you mention Los Angeles, California, in Beverly Hills, the big Hollywood sign or the famous walk of fame, and that’s just what a destination like Los Angeles offers its visitors, an adventure full of glamor and movie scenes that you will recognize instantly.


To enjoy a comfortable vacation and to know the main points of this destination, it will be essential to have a minimum of 4 days of visit and the car rental Los Angeles since due to the distances to have a vehicle to be able to move with tranquility and better optimize the times.


As I mentioned before, Los Angeles offers customers scenarios that make you feel in a very familiar environment. Many of its landscapes have been part of countless movies, so some things to do are visit the Walk of Fame and take a tour of the grand mansions in Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive, waiting to meet a great artist.


Now, if you are looking for a relaxing day in Los Angeles, the beaches of Malibu will be the best option, so I recommend you get up early, get a good breakfast, and hit the road due to the traffic way to them.


Now, if you are looking for a day of mystery, visit the haunted houses of Carroll Avenue, a point where you will find authentic mansions of terror, some used for movies.


No doubt I have not mentioned more activities in Los Angeles, but I am sure that you will not miss the best experience with these points.


San Diego


visit Los Angeles and San Diego


Located on the West Coast of the United States is a destination full of a mix of cultures due to its proximity to Mexico and the city of Tijuana, so the best dishes will not belong in coming. However, when you arrive at a destination like San Diego, you can enjoy Balboa Park, Coronado Beach, the Old Town neighborhood, or the Torrey Pines Nature Reserve, among many others. As in Los Angeles, I recommend a minimum of 4 days and car rental San Diego so you can creep and enjoy this destination to the fullest.


In the vicinity of Downtown San Diego, you will find Balboa Park a must on your visit. With more than 486 hectares is the largest urban cultural park in North America, where you will find theaters, museums, and botanical gardens known worldwide, as well as the San Diego Zoo.


Take a day off at the beaches of San Diego, which has more than 110 km of coastline and the best waves for surfing which is a trendy sport in the area. Some of the most popular beaches are Coronado Beach, La Jolla Beach, Pacific Beach, and Mission Beach.


Another essential destination to visit in San Diego is the Torrey Pines Nature Reserve north of the beaches of La Jolla, between cliffs, 13 km of trails, and the incredible views of the Torrey Pines unique to the area; this destination is not to be missed.


I mentioned at the beginning that San Diego was well known for its mixed cuisine, so I recommend you go to Downtown San Diego and choose from the wide variety of restaurants and if the time allows you to cross and visit the city of Tijuana in Mexico.


Undoubtedly a country like the United States has an adventure in every destination, so even if you decide whether or not to visit this incredible country, do not think twice and travel to Los Angeles or San Diego.

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