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Brewing Yourself a Good Cup of Coffee While Traveling

Being able to enjoy at least a decent cup of coffee is not exactly a certainty when you’re traveling. Sure, you can always buy from the local cafe or expect one from the hotel you are staying in but nothing beats having to brew your own cup for everyday that you are away from home.How to have coffee every day while traveling without having to pay a ton for it.Take a look at this article to learn coffee while traveling.

Travel coffee kits are a thing nowadays. They allow traveling coffee lovers to easily brew their own cup of Joe once everything is set up. You’d probably ask if this means that you have to lug around extra equipment wherever you go. The answer, fortunately, is no.

Coffee While Traveling

Preliminary Considerations

Before you even try to put your travel coffee kit together, there are some things that you first need to make sure of wherever you go:

  1. The Water – your mobile coffee brewing setup would be rather useless if you can’t find a good water source wherever you are staying. Without one, you’d be forced to just buy your coffee elsewhere or do a cold brew.

Aside from that, there is the issue of potability. You might think that boiling the water kills the germs but that does not really work in all situations, especially if the water itself is quite dirty.

Wherever you go, try to check the water available on the tap. It should be clear (no debris/foreign objects) and it should emit no odor.

  1. The Coffee Beans – regardless of the blend of your choice, you must make sure that the beans that you use are properly preserved for the travel ahead. It is common for beans to get too dry or soggy when carelessly exposed to the elements. This results in drastic changes in your coffee’s quality.

If possible, seal them in an air-tight container like a zip lock bag or a dedicated coffee beans storage area. They should be vacuum sealed so as to prevent moisture and dust from mingling with the beans. Also, and if possible, never grind your beans beforehand. They actually lose a lot of flavor the moment they get pounded into powder.

  1. Electricity – if you have an electric coffee kit, it will be useless if you are going to a place without power sockets and outlets. You can expect many modern hotels to already have these fixtures. However, you want to check that the plugs of your power adapters match the outlets in your room. It will be less of a hassle if you buy and bring along a universal adapter especially if you are traveling to different countries.

Your Kit

Once you have given these considerations some thought, you can start putting your own travel coffee kit together. The key here is to make your kit as complete as possible, yet it should be light enough to fit into any of your bags.

Here are several of the items that you could include in your kit:

  1. Water Kettle – you need hot water to make your coffee. Depending on where you are going, you can have one that’s powered by electricity or one that you can use on the stove or over a bonfire. A compact option would be a single serve water kettle. If a cup of coffee is not enough for you, you can get one that can hold up to 3 cups or half a liter of water.

Ideally, you should be able to heat up water in 5 minutes or less. Take note also that the kettle would most likely be the biggest piece in your kit. Choose one that’s space saving and would fit nicely in your luggage. Another option that does not take up much space would be a small immersion heater that you can use to heat up water in any container.

  1. Grinder – you already know that the flavor of coffee beans is affected when you grind them ahead of time and do not use them immediately. If you are very particular about the flavor of your coffee, it would be best to grind your beans just as you are about to brew.

There are burr grinders that you can easily fit in the palm of your hands. These are available in your local home appliance outlet or department store. These are small enough to fit right in the palm of your hand, yet powerful enough to grind your beans in to the right coarseness within seconds.

  1. Storage Container – you need containers for both your beans and your brew. For both, you need airtight and spill proof containers. You need the flexibility of being able to lug around your kit or to take your brewed coffee with you as you choose or as necessary.

For your beans, you can use a re-sealable plastic bag. Just make sure that it is durable enough to withstand travel conditions and will not easily be ripped or pierced. You can also use a small lightweight airtight container that’s tightly sealed. For coffee on-the-go, a vacuum flask that has a capacity of 1 to 3 cups would be just right.

  1. Mugs – you need mugs for drinking your coffee while you are on the road or in a place that does not provide drinkware. Have at least two mugs with you so you can share your coffee. Choose mugs that are compact and durable. Travel mugs usually come in stackable styles to save space.

Also, choose mugs that can keep the heat in especially if you are traveling to somewhere cold. Stainless steel mugs are popular options because of their durability and practicality. However, make sure that they have a handle or sleeve that will protect your hands from getting scalded or burned.

Your best options are mugs that are made out of a combination of poly carbonate materials and stainless steel lining. These are ‘user-friendly’ and lightweight yet stable so you can take and use them anywhere you go.

  1. The Coffee Maker – this is the most important piece in your travel coffee kit. In addition to compact size and design considerations, you also need to factor in reliability and convenience in choosing your coffee maker. The Aeropress is a suitable coffee maker that has these qualities and more.

It’s easy enough to pack and use the Aeropress wherever you go. It also requires minimal accessories and makes your coffee without too much fuss. You simply measure out the right amount of coffee, ad water, and then push the plunger down. There’s no need to bring measuring cups, spoons, or scales as this coffee maker has markings along its side to indicate volume.

Clean up is also less of a hassle as you can easily take the filters out, wash them, and put the coffee press back together again. This also shortens prep time considerably if you have to brew several batches.

When you shop for your Aeropress coffee maker, check out the many accessories that you can buy to help you improve the quality of your brew. These are all designed to be used together and so it should not be hard at all for you to pack it in your kit.

Brewing coffee while traveling can be a challenge, but it is not impossible. If you are a coffee lover who can’t go without a cup of joe, there are several options available to you. One option is to bring a portable coffee maker with you, such as a French press or a pour-over dripper. These devices are small, lightweight, and easy to use. Simply Good Coffee provides an easy-to-use, low-cost maker, allowing millions more homes in America to enjoy outstanding coffee.


You can brew and enjoy your own coffee concoction wherever you are if you so wish. You do not have to spend more than you should to drink the best coffee while you are traveling. Put together your own travel coffee kit with the essential accessories that you need to make your own personalized brew.

Looking for a compact coffee maker you can use when you’re not travelling? Check out this article to choose the best single cup coffee maker that’s right for you.

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