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How to Keep your Kid’s Feet Dry and Safe While Traveling

The problem isn’t so much in finding the perfect hiking boot for my son, but rather once we find it is to take it off of him.

With my husband being a climber and my oldest boy following in his papa’s footsteps certain tools are necessary. And I’m not talking about the climbing equipment which is crucial for climbers. The first tool is shoes.

My favorite climbing team father and son

Most climbing walls aren’t right off a road and easy to get to, you normally need to hike to them. So hiking boots are essential.

Merrell shoes have been in my husband’s and mine life for more than a decade. All our outdoor shoes and even some sneakers are by them. They are super reliable, waterproof and comfortable. So it was a natural step to take when it was time to find boots for my son.

Boys’ Chameleon Spin Waterproof Walking Boots fit the bill perfectly. They are waterproof, breathable and resistant so they can be used outdoors, but their design also makes them appropriate for everyday use.

boys hiking boots

I think my son took the everyday use way too much to heart. He has yet to part with them. He rides his bike, skateboard, plays futbol and everything else you can think of with these shoes.

And they with stand it all.

Merrell hiking shoes

Normally, I shop directly via Merrell website or Amazon, but I found this cool store: Blacks which had a great deal going on and free international shipping at the time of sale. Since I live in Guatemala, free international shipping is a big deal for us.

Information for Blacks

If you are a Facebook fan you can be privy to their discounts and specials that they have running all the time. Also, I know via their Twitter feed you can find out quickies as well.

Boys Hiking Boots – Merrell Shoes Review
Written by Marina Kuperman Villatoro

3 thoughts on “How to Keep your Kid’s Feet Dry and Safe While Traveling

  1. Oh yes the search for a hiking boot. We’ll be passing by the states soon so we’re going to take advantage and get ourselves a pair of hiking boots. I have shoes that have gotten me through all the hikes we’ve done in the DR but on a few hikes I wish I had proper hiking boots. Will look more into these guys. Thanks =D

  2. They seem to be great boots. It is indeed very important to have good foot wear while on the way. Nice one.

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