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Boston Subway System: The First Subway System in the US

Boston may be called the “Walking City” but it sure helps to have a reliable, efficient subway system. It’s astounding how well distribute the subway system in Boston is, it’s a pleasure to use, and it’s full of history too.

Bet you didn’t know this about the Boston Subway System 

The first subway system in the United States was built at Park Street, Boston in 1897. Boston has many facts and this is one of them.

park Street boston subway system
First Subway System in USA was in Boston, at Park Street

The metro is called the T

inside t metro boston
t metro boston

Metro Map – It runs on a 4 line Route

boston metro map

Boston metro map
Metro Map

Boston Subway System – The First Subway System in the US


4 thoughts on “Boston Subway System: The First Subway System in the US

  1. We were just in Boston and I had no idea that the subway system there was the oldest in the US. There are so many awesome things to see and do in Boston we love to visit whenever we can. Thanks for the info!

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