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Borneo Travel – 3 Things to Do When You Travel to the Island

Borneo is a large island that belongs partly to Malaysia, Brunei and to Indonesia located in Southeast Asia. This is a wonderful place with a warm climate and gorgeous natural beauties that everyone has to see at least once in their life.Three of the best things you can do while visiting the Borneo Island from Malaysia and Indonesia.Find information about Borneo Travel.

Following are three things to do in Borneo, right in the middle of this small paradise.

Borneo Travel – 3 Things to Do in the Island

Borneo Travel
Photo by: Phalinn Ooi

1. Hike up to Mount Kinabalu

This is a trip for nature lovers and adventurers looking for a fun challenge. Mount Kinabalu is the highest in Borneo and in all of South-Eastern Asia. Form the top you will be able to enjoy some of the best views that you will find in the region. Most trips last only one day but you can find some of up to three days.

2. Snorkeling in Tunku Abbdul Rahman Marine Park

If on the other hand you love to spend time at the beach and swim in crystal clear waters this might be your best bet. You don’t need any previous experience to go snorkeling in the region. There are a few companies with experienced instructors.

This marine park is spread over four other smaller islands, all connected by shallow, crystal clear waters that serve as home to tons of different species.

3. Kinabalu Park and Poring Hot Springs

The Kinabalu Park and Poring Hot Springs represent one of Borneo’s main attractions. Located in the Sabah County, the park covers approximately 750 square km, being by far the largest natural park in the area.

The park provides tons of trails that offer a relaxed hike and the hot springs are an amazing reward after spending hours of walking and exploring.

These are only three of the ones that I consider to be the most fun. Have you ever been to Indonesia? What are your favorite things to do in Indonesia?


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