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Boosting Your Blog Rankings Using Basic SEO Tools

Every year, new trends and features in the field of SEO are emerging thanks to the development of technology. Effective network promotion requires an integrated approach to choosing exactly those methods that will show positive results.Five basic and effective methods of promoting your blog in search engines.Do you want to promote your blog? Look at these SEO tools.

Both SEO Sydney agencies and Internet marketers need to use specific tools for promoting their blogs and for better management of routine tasks.

Technical issues of a web resource are only a preparation for promotion. You need to come up with a strategy, that is, a set of particular actions aimed at achieving your specific goals.

However, this strategy should follow the main SEO marketing trends of the present day. These tendencies change depending on technologies that appeared in our life. So, if you are a beginner optimizer or you want to develop your blog without expert assistance, you need to use a range of some online services for both search engine optimization and online marketing. Whether you offer students to buy college assignments or sell traveling equipment, the tips below can help you with product promotion.

SEO Tools

Basic SEO Tools

1. Deep Research of the Topic

Despite everything they say about SEO going extinct, search engine optimization is still relevant, to say the least. It is developing rapidly with significant changes on each stage of its evolution. One of the crucial points you should consider is the in-depth research of keywords. Everyone who works with SEO should know how to do it. Also, it is essential to explore the possibilities of free promotion along with it. Traditional keyword research includes finding queries with a high search volume and low competition index.

Next, a page with specific target keys in the text should be formed and optimized for search robots. However, now the optimization methods have changed noticeably with the SEO development. A promotion concentrated around the topic coverage and not the number of specific keywords is mainly used and proven to be effective.

So, it is better to build your content around the keywords and think things through from the reader’s perspective instead of collecting many key requests and inserting them sporadically. Such a strategy would be more successful than traditional ways.  Such profound topic research is comparable to dozens of key queries in terms of efficiency.

2. Re-Optimization of Your Content

Very soon, published content can be forgotten, and many blog owners are focusing only on the creation of new articles. This approach is not entirely correct because content refurbish can bring no less benefit than new publications if done properly.

Optimizing previously posted content is not that difficult. First of all, you need to determine the period required for the audit of existing publications. It can be done every three months, six months or annually — it all depends on the amount and type of your blog, as well as on its traffic. Among several strategies of re-optimization, it is worth considering the two main ones listed below.

Query Optimization Using Google Search Console

If you have already written an article on a specific topic, but some of the keywords are absent in it, it is unlikely to get to the first ranks in search results. You can amend this situation using Google Search Console. It enables you to find key queries that should be used in the text to optimize it. After that, revise your article to include the necessary keywords in it. Thereby you will adjust the publication to the subject matter.

Audit and Optimization of Internal Links

An internal link is placed on one page of the blog and refers to its another page. These links are important for website optimization and allow users to find the information quickly.

Make sure the weight of internal pages is distributed according to one of the existing linking strategies. While creating new content, many optimizers often miss the potential of internal linking between new and old pages. It is recommended to regularly check all your internal links with a certain frequency upon your choice. To do this, you can also use Google Search Console.

3. The Use of Linkable Assets

Linkable assets can increase the efficiency of attracting backlinks from other Internet resources. The formation and subsequent development of linkable assets are one of the most effective SEO methods. It is essential to emphasize that the discussion of the topic is no less important than specific queries used in it. That’s why ordering the services of crowd marketing has become viral, especially in recent times.

You can develop linkable assets quite easily. All that needs to be done is creating a unique and, at the same time, engaging content for your target audience. For that, you should understand the needs and interests of the readers in your niche. When linkable assets are created, you can start their effective promotion using one of the two strategies:


This strategy implies asking third-party resources with similar target audiences to post your content with a link to your website or just a link. If your article or infographic presents good value, you will find those who will share it.

Paid Promotion

In this case, you pay to third-party resources for the promotion of your linkable assets. Yes, more platforms will be willing to place your article or link if they get paid, but consider doing so only if you are ready to invest $100-400 in the cause.

Try both methods to test the effectiveness of each of them concerning your content.

4. Accelerated Mobile Pages

Many life aspects of modern people are increasingly related to smartphones. Use this fact for effective SEO promotion. A technique of accelerated mobile pages (AMP) refers to an environment with open source code. Blog owners and marketers widely use it since the search engines give preference to those pages that have better load speed.

Slow loading frustrates visitors and often makes them leave before the blog loads. So, if you want to improve the efficiency of the mobile version of your site, you should optimize its structure and apply the technology of accelerated mobile pages.

5. Blog Promotion Using Video

What kind of video content can be used for an effective SEO promotion?

Video Reviews

It is a method of familiarizing customers with the product and promoting the blog at the same time. Many people perceive information better if its given to them in an effortless visual form with audio narrative.

Video Feedback

Customers are less willing to trust the usual text reviews. Therefore, it is recommended to provide them with access to video feedback from your grateful clients.


In any business, webinars can be useful in promoting the blog. It is enough to create an interesting and relevant topic once a month and record or stream a webinar.

Live Broadcast

The present competition of this format is not considerable. Therefore, while your competitors are not using it yet, be proactive. Answer questions and share your own experiences live. After completing it, share it on social networks and corporate pages and save it on your blog.


SEO is an ever-changing and continuously evolving industry. Before using innovative techniques to attract customers and implement new marketing strategies, your blog needs to be fully optimized. Learn new ways to promote, get the latest knowledge, and do not forget to analyze the common techniques that used to bring good results.

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