Bonneville Salt Flats: A Must See when in Salt Lake City, Utah


Bonneville Salt Flats: A Must-See when in Salt Lake City, Utah

woman having fun at the Bonneville Salt Flats in salt lake city

Whenever I visit any place in the world, it doesn’t matter if it’s half an hour from where I’m living to go someplace internationally. I always have a mini bucket list of what I want to see and do when I’m in that particular place, and when I was in Utah a must-see for me was the Bonneville Salt Flats and I did it! In today’s post, I’m going to be talking about Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah from my own experience.

Usually, the things on my bucket list are quite local and a lot of times they’re either free or super cheap. Obviously, you will get some of those super expensive ones like I did when I was in Utah, we did the snowmobiling tour. I have a whole podcast on that. I recommend you guys listen to it, but that cost like $550 for like a two-hour thing. But the majority of the stuff that I do choose is usually free or super cheap, and one of those activities that were super high on my list was the Bonneville Salt Flat. 

💡 You can listen to the full Snowmobiling in Utah podcast here

What are the Bonneville Salt Flats?

You are going to the great area, the Salt Lake City area in Utah. I was like, what is Salt Lake? What is this about? So that’s how I found out about the Bonneville Salt Flat. It’s about an hour and a half from Salt Lake City itself. You could take a bus or you could drive.

The coolest thing about driving there, it is completely flat. You’re allowed to drive 80 mph, but there is not a single cop anywhere around. We were hitting 110 and no problem. It was so much fun, just that part. So as you’re coming closer to Bonneville salt flats, which is a 12-miles of salt flats, literally, it’s just the salt-crusted region that is 5ft thick, and you could walk over it just to get an idea.

It’s like 300,000 acres. It’s unbelievable and so beautiful. The only place that I’ve ever seen anything like this was when I entered La Paz going to Bolivia from Chile and you crossed over this amazing salt area anyway. So I had to see it and take my kids on it. It is so cool.

woman eating salt at the Bonneville Salt Flats

Speed Week

They even have this time if you’re going to be planning it around. There’s this thing called Speed Week when they actually have these racers that race on the actual salt flight. It’s really cool. You need to find out exactly what it is because it’s usually different all the time, but it’s usually towards the end of September around that time.

But you have to check every year. Unfortunately, we weren’t there at that time. We were there in March and you just drove up there, and you could just walk around and even taste it. It’s kind of cool. I mean, it is something that you will never, ever really see anywhere in the world, and it’s totally free to visit

How far are the salt flats from Salt Lake City?

The salt flats are 110 miles west of Salt Lake City. It’ll take you an hour and a half to get there, and an hour and a half to come back, and only about 30 minutes to actually spend there because that’s all really what you need, so you’re talking about maybe 5 hours in total. You could leave in the morning and come back in the afternoon, it is recommended because it’s something so unusual and so different, and you could run on it, you could even take your car on it, I saw a lot of people taking their cars on it. You could walk on it, you could picnic on it.  


The one thing is there are absolutely no restaurants, there’s absolutely nothing around there, so make sure that you come with a full tank of gas and food. There are two gas stations, but they’re like 90 miles apart, so make sure that you do have all of that with you and bring some food and water because none of that is anywhere around that. We’re talking for miles and miles and miles it is just stark, just nothing but salt flats literally.


It is super cool, so if you guys have a chance to do something different wherever you’re visiting, I recommend putting in a little bucket list and finding that time if you are visiting Utah, especially in the Salt Lake City region. Go and check out the Bonneville salt flats, I guarantee you will love it.

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Last Updated on August 17, 2023

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